1978 Landmark Camper, Very original, Delivery to Vanfest?

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by mroldbug, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Rare opportunity to buy an all original, California built, super shagadelic, genuine Landmark VW Camper!
    Original paint and interior, factory sunroof, alloy wheels, roof rack, rear ladder and spare tire rack. It is a rolling party on wheels!

    asking £11,000 but am open to ALL reasonable offers. Will be at Vanfest and will sell it by the end of the event to the best offer.
    Also may consider part trade for an interesting vintage British motorbike or car...something funky to bring back to the States!


    Click the link above for photos and details and please PM me with any serious offer...even if it is a low-ball one. :D
  2. That is a very fine ve hick al you have there yes siree..
    If I'd seen that before buying mine I would have snatched your hand off!
  3. hopping on the plane one week from today...any interest out there?
  4. Hi could you give me a call or send number am very interested in van,is van in uk ?

    mike 07887808814
  5. oho thats nice
  6. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

  7. Does anyone know if the Landmark sold? I know Mr Oldbug was coming over specifically from America to Vanfest to sell it and just wondered if he had. I saw some pics on earlybay so I know it made it but am interested to find out.

    If not, he can drop it off to me for free if he likes, I love it for some strange reason ^-^
  8. no - drop it off with me ............ one day i will own a landmark ... or a van that looks like one ;)
  9. I'm pretty sure it did, it looked the part mind very good condition.
  11. ok cool ... birdy already knows my long term plans for the maromark - or the land marrow!

    coming in 2013!
  12. *snort* land marrow!!!

    Ooooo intriguing :eek: Maybe when you're bladdered at Dubs in the Forest you will spill the beans mwah ha ha ha ha >:D
  13. me bladdered - lol .... unlikely ;)
  15. i'm getting a bit scared
  16. Oh...by the way...the brown Landmark is available for sale at Karmann Konnection if anyone is interested.

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