FOR SALE 1978 Devon Campervan

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by altair, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. sorry change of plans
  2. Sad times but good luck with the sale. :(
  3. They are very I've bin thinking since Christmas just couldn't bring my self to do it
  4. Thats a lovely van for the price :thumbsup:
    RHD as well.
  5. The pictures were taken last year sometime i need to get out side and take some more.
  6. gutted for you mate, this is identical to my bus before the resto by the PO, love the yellow and white combo! can you definitely not keep him?

  7. Looks a really nice van (Savannah magnolia?) Shame you have to sell but at that price it will sell. Good luck
  8. Mexico magnolia ?
  9. from what I can remember it says pastel gelb (I think) according to my spec panel behind the seats, if its the same that is :confused:

  10. wife sez peach daughter sez yellow ill go with magnolia
  11. there is always another van just around the corner ...........however far that corner may be :)
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  12. Shame fella, :( Nice looking interior too
  13. Hi there, we'd be very interested in having a look at the camper. We live in Cambridge but my Dad is in Stockport so he could pop over. Could you let me have some more details please.
  14. Hi, I'm in Wigan and would like to come up to view your bus. Could you please get in touch and let me know when is convenient with you. Many thanks
  15. dean_butler

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  16. From your replies it looks like we will be seeing 'SOLD' very shortly!!!!

    Looks a good bus for £6k! Sad times but when one door closes another opens!

    Race to Warrington anyone!
  17. I'm in my car and ready to drive there, just need that call!!! Anyone know where he is??? Come on Altair!!!! Pleeeeaaassssse;)
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  18. Well he was on here last at 3:00 am ,maybe's he's in bed :burp:
  19. Can someone wake him up:)
  20. Hi everyone sorry not had time to reply to anyone just yet my step dad has had a bit of a stroke I'm going to take some pictures

    Probably better to come and see her message me ill give you my number

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