1978 Champagne II Edition Westfalia

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  1. Champagne II Edition Westfalia - arriving UK end of Jan.

    Solid, all the special edition goodies, some minor tidying to be done, 2.0l replacement engine bought to install, if all good it will be fuel injection or might install brand new twin carbs. Paintwork looks good from a distance I'd say, depending on overall condition it will be MOT'd & sold as is or with all new rubber seals, everything done with lovely new paintwork for £14,995. Located in Kent and viewing by appt only when it lands in the UK!

    Happy to talk offers as is or offers just MOT'd.

    I have one of these myself and they are fantastic Westy's!

  2. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    good luck with the sale, i have one too, i notice this one has the 3/4 window on the opposite side to mine.
    mods will require a location and contact details to advertise on here mate.
  3. Yes, opposite side, the same as mine aswell - although mine is original, untouched so all the rubbers are the OG's, I guess the rubbers were replaced on this and maybe a different 3/4 installed on the other side - don't know, maybe an option in the '70's?!

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