FOR SALE 1978 Champagne edition 2 SOLD SOLD SOLD

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  1. rickyrooo1

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    I never thought i'd do this but here goes.
    1978 CEII Westfalia Berlin Deluxe.
    Her name is Bolly.
    Champagne editions had many extras including chrome bumpers padded dash and all br0wn interior with rotating captains seat.
    It's an AUTOMATIC.
    It's a 2 litre fuel injection - recent partial rebuild with new heads rings bearings seals etc.
    the paint is 99% original so it's not perfect but you can see exactly what you're getting - nothing is hidden.
    Any different paint was done by me so i could see what was under it, there's about 60 pages of info on my show us your ride thread so i'm hiding nothing. There's a few dinks and dents and some scratches from when it was in America.
    I personally imported it in 2011 and am the only uk owner.
    I'm led to believe it had 2 owners in America.
    It came from San Fransisco California and has no welding and only minimal rust from its time here, every panel is original and there are no holes.
    It's got a sink/fridge 12v/240v with c-tek
    It's got a propex gas heater.
    It's fitted with a firetec engine bay extinguisher.
    It's mot'd until about June 2016 i think but i'd need to check (it might be late May).
    Original wheels and hubcaps are included.
    The proper heating all works as it should.
    There's a decent stereo/cd and 4 speakers included.
    It's got madmatz carpet up front.
    The rear floor has original carpet in good condition although i have lino covering it.
    I've fitted 2 sliding windows.
    You can have the original br0wn curtains and cab hammock and all the bits like fly net etc, the proper table is also in there.
    I'll chuck in any bay spares i have with it too.
    I've probably forgot loads so no doubt i'll edit it later.
    EDIT 1.
    New shocks and sterring damper.
    New starter motor.
    I'll service and change the oil before sale.
    It's fitted with electronic ignition and a new distributor.

    This is my thread since i owned it.

    At the moment i'm only advertising on here as i don't have time to get it out of the garage and unloaded to do interior pictures although if you trawl my thread there's lots.

    I'll do any specific pictures you ask for if you contact me on here for my e-mail.

    I will p/x for the right T4 but it needs to be a late 2003 model 102bhp diesel.

    The pictures below are from last week.

    I am not desperate to sell so don't think you can bid low 'cos the summer's nearly done....

    I'm in Great Wyrley WS6

    You can contact me on here for my phone number/e-mail - i'm on here a fair bit....

    It was agreed valuation 2 years ago at £15,000 and i've done plenty to it since then.

    Anyone on here it's £15,000 firm there's no point me putting £16,500 so you feel you have a bargain when you knock me down, i don't mess about - if you have the cash come and look, if you don't then that's ok too - happy searching.

    I'll bang it on e-bay with a reserve and p/x request over the weekend once i get it out of the garage.

    I'd appreciate if you don't fill my thread up with waffle please - it's killing me to type this - i don't need to see mickey takes on here- it's fine in the van thread but please keep this tidy.

    Thanks Rick.
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  2. rickyrooo1

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  3. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    Here's an internal shot from a year ago, the plug socket has moved to where the speaker is and the speakers are now in the bed frame but the rest is virtually as is.
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  4. rickyrooo1

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    Seats/door cards
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  5. bernjb56

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    As Ricky has requested in the advert - can we keep this on topic please :thumbsup:
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  6. Good luck with the sale Ricky, someone will be very happy. :thumbsup:
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  7. rickyrooo1

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    Thanks Steve. You think it's priced fair? i've been told by someone they thought it would be dearer.
  8. Shame you are selling mate. It's a cracking van. Good luck.
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  9. Priced to sell, honest as they come and a great conversion (maybe the best T2) plus all your extra's propex,UK hook up etc :thumbsup:
    Plus the engines had a rebuild !
    Don't take any less mind.
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  10. It is in very good order matey, but you know I struggle to price these things so I'd rather keep out of that aspect.
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  11. Great bus :thumbsup:, I have had the pleasure to see this at Techenders many times and it is what it is. . .great. Good luck with the sale @rickyrooo1, it is a sad time but I hope you find what you want :thumbsup: and at least you have had good times earning it.
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  12. That's a fair price tbh, it'll sell really easy - looks very tidy in the pics. Good luck
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  13. Good luck mate, I wish you well in whatever you do
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  14. brown ftw ...
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  15. Good luck with the sale mate
    Having seen this bus a few times 15k is a bargain
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  16. Moons

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    Someone will get a cracking bus for that money...
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  17. Beautiful and keenly priced. This will shift.
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  18. Poptop2

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    The most famous bus on the forum. Rs!
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  19. scarletohara

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    You looking for a long nose triple 8 pack tdi 2003 ? if so call me on 07914201724
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  20. rickyrooo1

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    Px or? What's triple 8 pack?

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