FOR SALE 1978 Bay Window

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Drunk Aardvark, Apr 7, 2014.

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    i'd put it on ebay if it hasn't gone to be honest, £2500 seems a fair price but you need to list the ad a bit better....... it might be best to fully list your spares and sell them seperately to get more money, you can't really state you want to sell it to someone to finish it etc etc, if they buy it and want to banger race it so be it.....

    you said.....

    "It comes with a partial engine which I'm not sure of the condition of but could be used for an exchange if necessary.

    I'm looking for around £2500 which will include any Bay related parts I can find around my garage including all the new repair panels I've bought."
  2. Wise advice Ricky. Ebay the next stop at the end of the month
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  3. I wouldn t mind having that drivers seat !:gnome:
  4. This is still around. Probably going on ebay latter this week so let me know if you're interested.
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    You can still come on here even when you do sell the camper you know .... anything goes :)
  6. Thanks Wilma. Miss the banter on here
  7. Is this still available or did you sell it?

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