1978 Bay Steering wheel

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  1. all,

    We have replaced our std steering wheel for a lovely MCJ one.

    If anyone need a steering wheel, let me know, pay the postage, pick it up. its yours !

    We are in Oakham, Rutland


    Mark and Alison
  2. Hi guys,

    What sort of condition is the wheel in? My is just about had it and could do with replacing. If you could let me know I will gladly collect.

    Many thanks

  3. PM'd you buddy :)
  4. Wait in line brucie :)
  5. :eek: lol I PM'd him yesterday but he hasn't replied yet :))
  6. Lol will take your word for it. Maybe mods should look to make sure all dealings are done in thread as other forums do for clarity
  7. true, apologies, i should have posted up saying id done so, was only to ask for pics of it for condition along with my email address, like i said, still waiting on reply so its anyone's still, sorry again for the confusion O0
  8. guys, whichever one of you doesnt get Marks steering wheel, I may have one coming up for sale shortly off the westy, needs a good clean up (which I will do) and some pics taking.

    I'll keep my eye open and pop a pic or two up!
  9. nice one Morc! will you post it in parts for sale or PM us as first refusal? thanks mate! O0
  10. yes no problem!

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