1977 full automatic almost rustfree 98 % at least lhd

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  1. I have amoungst other buses this 1977 kombi originally tiaga green but now red and white.
    Its fully automatic has engine that turns through but i am selling it as I found it.
    I have but jumper cables on it and it turns through fine motor is complete all the way to the correct exhaust. I usually will not buy a automatic due to the [glow=red,2,300]FACT[/glow] everyone usually wants a standard BUT! due to the condition of the body I decided even if i cannot find a buyer quickly i could part it out and save a few other buses.
    So here it is if I can figure out how to load pics on the site. I am all over the net easy to find easier to contact. I am the largets exporter in texas of buses/vans and other vehicles.
    This is not my job but a addiction (most of us have) let me find your dream car if this isnt it here.
    john in texas

  2. Honky

    Honky Administrator

    Sorted the pics for you.
  3. how much ??? :)
  4. thanks admin
    i tried to get them sorted but it did not work out for me in my short time i had to do it.
    The price for this bus is 1700.00 usd which is right at 1100,00 ukp. I will order the title for it as soon as someone says they want it, as i might have to cut it up if no one wants,a great deal on a almost rock solid bus.
    One thing to remember is the time and money saved on welding here, it might need who knows what but the welding is time down from your new toy when it gets there . I dont know and cant say if you just fill it with gas ,install a battery and ignition switch maybe adj brakes i dont know. Only thing I am sure of is its rock solid ,i can get it to uk no problem and it will be a nice late bay to come see me at busfest in in september.
    Thanks john
    email for more pics
    theovalguy @ yahoo .com
    always dragging more buses home 8 in january alone and this is just my hobby/addiction
  5. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    that is cheap at £1100....i'm not sure if this will help but to ship mine and get through customs cost me £1395 and i guess it could be done cheaper, i came in from L.A. so anyone looking for a solid van for possibly less than £2500 in the U.K and probably on the road for £3000 that's a bargain. Good luck with the sale.
  6. Thanks rickyrooo
    Yes I know it's cheap I flip buses I am not doing
    This to support my family so I don't mark this stuff
    Up as high as most California guys . I buy tons of buses
    And flipem make a bit on each one and go get more.
    I have shipped 372 so far and if anyone doubts me or is curious
    Worried or does have there doubts if I am real
    You can call FBI , Jeffs Vw shack bristol, Barry at lonestar Vw in Norwich , beegees camper hire in northwich
    There's a few references there's about 100 more in about 7 countries
    Let me know if I can help
    I will try to find whatever you are looking for . And late bays are not to hard
    I do not usually have runners due to Texas heat killed a lot of vws a long time ago
    But dry buses I got!
    Thanks for good input someones going to find this bus and get a deal , I do not want to cut it up.
    Oh and shipping from Texas is last time I asked 1200.00 usd plus unloading customs and the crap you have to pay the tax man
    Later guys
  7. OK guys and girls, this is the best price I can give you , theres now turning back now .I need to sell this to go get more. I cannot lower the price and I will be forced to cut it up due to space and time restraints as to where its being stored. If you are interested at all lets talk, Heck leave me a number I will call you. I use skype and I am all over the net .This is a great bus I DO NOT want to have to cut it up..
    It does not cost anything to leave replies good or bad.. just show me theres someone looking at my bus and wether i need to post future buses on here or not.
    I realize I sell stuff so cheap sometimes it does not look real , like a scam. But like i said pick a country i will give you references and can show tons of 53 ft car haulers leaving my place with 3 or 4 buses per trip leaving from my house..
    You may not know me on this site, but my traders there do , thats where a lot fo the buses you guys are buying are coming from. references galore just ask.. 372 buses and all happy customers,traders and private sales..
    off to cut up another rusty split bus..67 so 42 NOT SAVEABLE!!!
  8. no keep posting em m8 i may be looking again in a few months when i have space as i am sure others will this exactly the sort of bus i would interested even if its a auto and the price is spot on
    if i had space we would be talking by pm now fact so please if you don’t sell on here plz so us your other buses :)
  10. Heres a point that i just thought of. First its In a friend shop.. good there for a few weeks then it will have to be moved, BUT it can go to shippers warehouse under lock and key (NOT LIKE OVER THERE ) this holds us military stuff and is guarded by us army and video.. anyways..
    ok three weeks to get title and it can sit at shippers for a month for free.. does this help at all for anyone..
    All I want up front is the money for title. 200 bucks usd I have the two hundred that's not the issue, it shows that your serious and you want the bus,then i will order it. I do not need a title to a bus that I am going to have to cut into little pieces and mail in envelopes to friends over there for christmas presents. haha
    Thanks for the replies I will see if I can send some interesting photos to anyone that emails me.. or look me up on the dreaded face book i have posted tons of mouthwatering vw pics on there for some reason a long time ago.. now kinda wish i had not. if you want anything I will hunt it down for you.
    Thanks again
  11. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    John, while i don't doubt your a genuine guy and can prove the offers are great for some reason we are influxed with busses in the winter here, also it seems everyone is now bringing u.s vans to the u.k and cashing in, yours certainly look cheap and i'm sure you'll get some interest at those prices, don't forget as well it's only Februay and some of us have only been paid once or twice since Christmas....i reckon if you keep showing your face and people get to know you then you'll get some interest, if you do intend to sell only though and not contribute in other ways some of the other guys may get the hump as they pay a small sponsorship fee to advertise on here....just saying like.....don't take offence, i wouldn't mind a few bits myself for a westy champagne if you ever get any let me know. Rick.
  12. Rickyrooo I totally understand the DONATION idea as i have been paying for the use on vzi which i think is full of punters,I dislike that site actually. I dont mind donating when i sell something and i understand about christmas..forgot that .. oops.. just thought that might help people that might be lurking offering storage ,any way i can help.
    Thanks again rickyrooo

    I am also on earlybay (probably a naughty word here) and vzi (yuk) and only look on the samba
    Have a great day guys
  13. naughty words on here are ones like Marmite and Marmites. VZI tends to be a naughty word. Earlybay are our friends, prototypes are the foundation to all things good. Stick around oval guy.

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