FOR SALE 1975 Westfalia Helsinki

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  1. Due to recently expanding our family we are considering selling our fantastic Westy Helsinki, mainly because we're unlikely to use it to it's full potential for the next few years (too much baby stuff to be going camping!) so we'll be looking for another in 2-3 years or may consider P/X for a cheaper bay if anyone is looking to trade up.

    I'll try to give you as much info as I can but please feel free to e-mail if you have more specific questions. If somebody wants to buy I will get it MOT'd (currently runs out in June) so it has full 12 months.

    This is a very family orientated van which is brilliant for camping trips, if you aren't mechanically minded and are looking for something that is very reliable and good to go with no work necessary then this could be the van for you. It is in excellent condition but it's not a concourse standard van so you should feel comfortable using it for what it was intended for. So far we have not needed to benefit from the services of the AA at all since we've owned it!

    The van is a left hand drive German import, I have a box folder (which includes the M Code document) full of receipts and invoices for parts and work that has ben carried out since it was imported into the UK in 2002. It has had so much spent on it I just keep the box shut and don't count!

    The important bits...


    n 2010 the previous owner spent £4000 on a new 1911cc engine unit from renowned engine builders "Stateside Tuning". The carbs are twin DeLLorto 40's that are fed off CSP inlet manifolds, the fuel pump is a 3.5psi pump and there is an alloy breather box fitted at the rear or the engine.The engine is fitted with a deep sump to allow more oil around the engine.

    A Petronics electronic ignition is fitted to avoid any issue with points, new best quality plugs,ignition leads, dizzy cap and rotor arm were fitted a couple of weeks back.

    The exhaust system is hand made in stainless steel by "Turbo Thomas", again, all receipts are available in the box of history.

    The engine was tuned and carbs set up by Johnson Autoworks (show winning VW specialist) in April 2014 so it runs really nicely with lots of power.

    The engine bay is fitted with an automatic fire extinguisher to prevent any disasters from engine fires.


    The van was sprayed several years ago in the original VW jaffa, the paint work is very good but there are a couple of small areas that are not perfect, some slight bubbling along one seam and a patch on the passenger door that would warrant attention if you wanted perfection, we've never bothered with it however as it's not really noticeable.

    Welding has been done as necessary over the years in places, the most recent repair was in 2013 where a small area of one cill was repaired. Whilst this was done we took the precaution of having the cavities waxed with Dimitrol.

    The underside was again inspected by Johnsons Autoworks in April 2014 and found to be in great shape so was then given a full triple coat wax oil which should be good for another couple of years before it needs doing again.

    The van sits on some nice SSP Fuch alloys and virtually brand new tyres which set it off brilliantly, it has been moderately lowered and has potential to be taken down further if desired, we haven't chosen to do this as it is a family van and comfort is important.


    Most of the interior is the original Westfalia, however, the front seats are SAAB seats with pull down arm rests. These are very comfortable when driving but as they don't really match anything it may be that the new owner will choose to get them recovered, something we've never got round to. The front cab mat set is from Madmatz with matching jaffa piping and the original buddy box is included which sits between the front seats.

    The black plastic dash has been stripped and sprayed to match the paintwork. Oil temperature and pressure gauges and a rev counter have also been added. The original clock is in full working order. The van also has the unusual feature of having "ambulance fans" fitted, not something we've ever used a lot but is quite a rare and unique thing.

    The stereo is a Pioneer unit with multiple speakers, CD/Radio/Bluetooth audio/Ipod and telephone connections.

    In the rear there is a full width rock n roll bed with three seat belts (two 3 point belts and a lap strap in the centre).

    In front of the rock n roll bed is the utility area which includes the electrolux fridge with sink unit over (we've only used the fridge on mains power but in theory it can be used off the gas system too if checked by a qualified engineer first). The sink drains to outside but does not have the tank and pumping system so we just collect water in a can which is less of a faff in any case to be honest!

    There is a pull down two ring cooker that drops down between the tall cupboard unit and the sink. The original table is also included.

    240v mains hook up is installed as is a leisure battery and separate 12v system for when mains power is not available.

    An Erberspacher Airtronic D2 heater is installed below one of the rear seats and is powered by diesel which is stored in a separate tank within the engine bay.

    Up top there is a double bed and the roof canvas is in very good condition with no leaks.

    The rear cab floor has been replaced with Madmatz tiles and looks really smart, so much so we always put a mat over it to keep it nice!

    The jalousie window mechanism has been replaced so the window stays open when you wind the handle and closed whilst driving along!

    I believe the curtains may be original but if not they are very retro green and there is a full set so it's nice and dark inside at night.

    Anything Else:

    For the MOT in 2014 we had to replace two ball joint rubbers only and we also chose to replace the headlamps for original Hella units.

    Anything not so good?

    Leaves a small oil spot when warm, probably flywheel oil seal to be replaced eventually, it's been like this in all the time we've had it and very rarely need to top up oil so we've not bothered with it.

    One front interior door panel a bit tatty at the bottom.

    We have invested a lot of money into the van on top of the original purchase of £17000 and have all the receipts to show for way in excess of the asking price.. It isn't a concourse standard van but it is fantastic mechanically, absolutely solid and has all the right stuff for a reliable family VDub experience. Having researched what else is out there the asking price reflects this. Payment method to be agreed with new owners. If you want to ask anything feel free to get in touch.

    £18495 ono

    IMG_8279.jpg IMG_8283.jpg IMG_8285.JPG IMG_8287.JPG IMG_8288.JPG IMG_8289.JPG IMG_8290.jpg IMG_8294.JPG IMG_8291.jpg volkswagencampervanhelsinkiwestfaliaengine.jpg
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  2. Finally managed to upload some updated photos folks!
  3. Nobody looking for a reliable family friendly bay...??!
  4. Really nice Westy.....

    Good luck with the sale - good price I'd say.
  5. Thanks feels a bit like I'm giving it away given what Ive spent on it but it will do somebody very well.
  6. Yes I know what you mean - difficult to value them.
  7. Reduced price slightly....
  8. Now sold.

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