FOR SALE 1975 VW Westfalia Helsinki US Import

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  1. I think I'm justified in saying that this is the second best VW Westfalia we have ever imported. With very little effort it could easily take the title of 'best'..​
    For one thing, it is utterly and completely rock solid. Secondly, it has never been painted. Furthermore it is original in all respects but for the fitment of a twin carb set-up in place of the original fuel injection. It is also that rare and sought-after beast, a Brilliant jaffa ("Jaffa") Helsinki.​
    We had it up for 8995.00 'As Is'. It had been stored indoors (as part of a large private collection), and had been fired up only occasionally during that time. We removed the twin carbs, which were well and truly clogged with that nasty varnish-like deposit that results from old American fuel; the bus now has a single carb. It seems to run ok, although it would benefit from a good service, and a compression test showed all four pots within 10psi of each other. ​
    In reply to a recent enquiry, we costed out the price of putting it through an MOT, and decided that for the original asking price we will through in 12 months' 'ticket'. This is not to make any long term representations regarding the health of the motor, so please don't think we are advocating taking it to the Cote d'Azur after years in storage. As with everything newly imported, we'd recommend a full mechanical overhaul as a matter of good housekeeping.​
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Cosmetically, there are various dents and dings to the front panel. It would look better with the spare wheel in place, but to make it really pretty the front could do with being refinished. Given the condition of the rest of the paint, it wouldn't be a difficult job at all to match it up. Other than that, there is a relatively minor dent in front of the driver's side rear wheel arch.​
    This one is most definitely worth viewing in person. It is located near Stanley, Co. Durham, and we will gladly collect people from the train station or Newcastle airport.​
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    Thanks mate.. Haven't heard from you in awhile - I hope life is good.
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