1975 restored camper

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  1. Murphy is for sale. Brand new engine from VW with twin carbs, respayed inside and out by those lovely boys at M&D, fantastic interior. Gutted to be selling by the house needs a roof and a bathroom and........ you get the drift. Any questions just give me a shout. Camper is in Glastonbury, Somerset.
    Smudge 07833 230588
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    obviously less for TLBers.
    Open to offers, just not half price ones!!
    Thanks for reading
  2. 280854467421
    ebay number
  3. Ok mate you need to put a price up mate

    Ill do your roof for the van :D
  4. I don't want the roof gold plated mate ::)
    I'm looking for between £12-14K depending on new mot, tax, accs, etc etc. There are quite a few items that I can include in a package.....
    Come and see it, take it for a spin and drink tea.
    Then we can decide on a price.

    If you can do my roof mate, give me a ring and you can give me a price?
    07833 230588
  5. sorry about the ebay link

    oops :-[
  6. If you can do my roof mate, give me a ring and you can give me a price?
    07833 230588

    will do and good luck with the sell,put some picks up and show them how nice it is
  7. Can this man be trusted?


    Yes, you can....

    I know what work was carried out by M&D, and it's good... Shame to sell it Barry.. :(

    I'll do the bathroom, Rich the roof and you give us the van and £50 each !! Sound fair???
  8. as long as the bathroom matches my gold plated roof ;D
    will give you a ring about the bathroom when I get some cash
  9. ttt
  10. back to the top. There is an alternative, just give me cash and let me keep it.

    worth a try......
  11. tip tiperoo
  12. uppidy up
  13. or go out side now and push your tiles off and chuck some in your bathroom window and say the wind done it and get the insurance out O0
  14. come and get it before I change my mind............
  15. ;)
  16. Right peeps, last chance before it stays!!! :thinking:
  17. OK you two. Is this camper still for sale or what? If so, which county do you live in please?
  18. Soooommmeeeerrrsetttttt I believe :)
  19. yes still for sale, going in for a new MOT soon, so you can have it with a full 12 months ticket. ;D

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