FOR SALE 1975 Late Bay Devon. Great Condition.

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  1. sadly, with my upcoming house purchase and the loss of my licence due to drink driving (i know :(.... ) i have to sell my freshly restored camper.

    its built in 1974, registered 1975.
    in VW brilliant jaffa.
    currently on SORN.
    fresh MOT for 12 months. no advisories.

    all new jacking points.
    new original front clip
    all rust free doors from USA, except the slider which was repaired.
    full madmatz sets
    freshly upholstered seats and door cards.
    new headlining with thermal insulation pads behind
    new pop top bellows.
    fully refurbished pop top, all the way to the rivets, new seals and waterproofed.
    new bunks with powdercoated poles and fixings. can support over 90kgs each.
    powdercoated wheels.
    originals glass (except slider which i smashed and replaced)
    under dash lights
    MCJ steering wheel, door pulls, window winders, handbrake pull and seat knobs.
    CSP shifter.
    brazillian bumpers

    all new brakes, from pedal to pads.
    rot free beam, painted. all new balljoints, track rods etc etc.

    engine is 1600TP, original condition, new flywheel. works perfect and no oil leaks!!!
    stainless JK quiet pack exhaust.
    new fuel sender, rust free tank from the US, cleaned out and painted.
    sound deadening throughout the bus.

    comes with a brand new cover, westfalia RNR bed hinges and a Devon swing out cooker bracket.
    along with a load of other small spares. also a wheel clamp.

    all new belly pans underneath which have been powdercoated prior to fitting, then undersealed and waxoyled underneath the whole bus.

    bad points :

    - One headlight is a bit iffy, tap it and it comes on so i think its a loose wire on the back (I may get round to fixing it) (SMALL ISSUE)
    - the reverse lights were working, but after the MOT they aren't, i think its the connection at the gearbox but havent checked. (SMALL ISSUE)
    - the bus will only start when the lights are on. i haven't investigated this but this will probably need looking at if that bothers you. not an MOT fail.

    located in IP22 postcode area.

    looking for £19,995 ONO.

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  2. good luck
    lovely looking bay
  3. Blimeee Carl ,all that hard work , tough mate :( . Someone’s gona get a great bus . Better luck this yar bud :thumbsup:
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  4. Good luck with the sale - and thanks again for the loan of that sleeping bag.
  5. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Good luck with the sale :)
  6. Thanks.. that were’t me mate hahaha
  7. Wasn't it? Wonder who I'm thinking of? Getting on a bit now . . .
  8. Gutted for you - the resto thread was epic :(

    Good luck with the sale , hope everything works out .


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