FOR SALE 1975 Australian Westfalia not owned by me..

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    THIS VAN IS NOT MINE, ADVERTISED FOR A FRIEND. IMG_2351.JPG So to answer the first question, and the answer is none.....that's rust to you and me..!!
    Started out as a Kombi and was converted over 15 years ago to a Westfalia Continental..
    It's 2000cc engine had a rebuild 2 years ago, it's been in use all those years ona regular basis, too many trips abroad to mention.
    So all doors etc are original to the van, as is engine and box, covered just over 100,000 miles but still sweet.
    It has all the Westy bits like stool, table, cooker, rear ( no holes cut ) head locker, sink and cooler and RR bed.
    Very dent free, nice dash, uncut, nice seats, original coverings and door cards, clean tidy cab mat.
    Overall a great starter point, paints been done as some point but it's showing it's age now, a few, and I'm being picky here stone chips and one bubble just starting to apeare, it's had the sliding door sill done at some point, sliding door is rust free.
    So there you go, a good bus to use as it straight out of the box, room for improvement....8/10
    It's RHD to boot so take a look at the pics, the bumpers by the way are solid, it's paint fade..
    Looking for £17,500.
    Vans in Wiltshire.
    More pics from

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