1974 Westfalia L20b 'Jaffa' Helsinki *Arrived Today*

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  1. 1974 Jaffa 'L20b' Westfalia Helsinki.

    This lovely Helsinki arrived today. I will have a good nose round and update details, pictures and prices. Looks to be very clean and solid with a really good original interior. Cab area & dash are nice, rear furniture units and plaid fabric all good. The small seat/loo box and a stool are also present. Well.....they were when I bought it!

    Solid in all the important areas, I can see of a couple of non structural cosmetic areas needing attention but a full inspection will reveal all and no doubt more.....as they always do! :)

    Has a rebuilt engine, PO says it's an 1800cc and this will be defined by the code when it's here!

    Front door cards and seat covers are in black but I have the OG jaffa door cards and head rest for the seats in the sale.

    Looks to be a really good find & is priced as with some of our VW's as a 'worst' case scenario assuming I have all the bits 'n bobs done, windows out, new rubbers and a full quality repaint in the OG code - so by saying that.....if sold as is without all of this being done but just serviced, MOT'd & registered it will be cheaper!

    So can be bought MOT'd & registered or fully refurbed, new paint etc £14,995. Viewing in Kent, SE.

    I have lots of pictures I can send and will take another 100 or so upon delivery then ongoing pictures as any work is carried out.

  2. Cleared, collected from port and delivered today!

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