1974 TinTop RHD - SOLD

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  1. SOLD

    The time has come, MrGrey needs a new home

    1974 RHD TinTop, South African Import ( we have owned the van since it arrived in the UK in 2011 )

    1800cc Twin 40’s, all the usual mods. All hoses, breathers etc replaced

    Solid and sound all original chassis, no welding, no replacement bits. WaxOiled annually, garaged for last 5 years.

    Body is all original except rubbers. These were done during the respray in 2012. There is some blistering and some of the paintwork needs a bit of attention.

    Interior - Campershak R&R bed, 2 ring cooker and grill, sink, 240/12v fridge, new leisure battery, splitcharger, RetroSounds Stereo, 240 hook-up.

    Lowered 4”. New Tyres, some spare bits and bobs.

    Generally a good solid honest van with a few minor finishing off/touch up jobs, but nothing that would freak out a TLBer.

    Price £14500 ono

    Any questions either ask them here or pm me. Viewing very welcome.

    Location - a small village not far from Salisbury
    (This van is certified Novichok free)

    P.s I’ve done something to my photobucket account so the photos on my old threads have vanished. But I can send them out if you want to see the original condition of the van.

    4D6FD186-6508-4F39-BF7C-29E01746B91A.jpeg 5E698439-4925-4D3C-A87D-91A11542A7F2.jpeg 1D2E67D0-62D2-483A-ACDA-D3185A0C2A52.jpeg F2817B0A-97F4-45E9-8797-A3DC53BC25DE.jpeg 63159028-34B6-4A93-864A-CEEEB60F3FAC.jpeg FFE243D7-894A-4EDA-98AC-DFA81953BF8D.jpeg 0F005BAE-A7A1-4127-8C29-3ADB6FB1A839.jpeg CFC73721-53A5-4700-9D9E-297EEB63B606.jpeg 33CF3680-73F3-40EA-89F9-1AB3DBCB9326.jpeg
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  2. :D:D
    Cool bus. GLWS
  3. Cheers

    Also I forgot to mention that if a TLBer buys our van they will get, absolutely FREE. A very rare, highly desirable, high quality


    This offer is not available to non forum peeps
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  4. A couple of random pictures


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  5. Before and during respray pics

    50B1983D-A8B9-44A4-B8A2-621E95E737AB.jpeg AA99FEC5-8D6D-4DAF-9188-262152AFA03C.jpeg
    D3D0B2E7-8FD3-4BD5-B5AF-BCC3D3AE5F30.jpeg F97ED3EA-5021-4E82-962F-6FC9369E3F23.jpeg
    30645AAF-5987-43FC-987D-3322589E737E.jpeg 424D766B-9AB5-4C7F-AAEF-78400B739C73.jpeg
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    We have our van advertised on loads of sites now. We have found our next vehicle so really need to shift our van.

    So this offer is only available here

    Either PM me or email me chet_thunder@yahoo.co.uk

    Also included will be any late Bay related stuff out of my garage

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  7. NOW SOLD - sorry I can’t work out how to change it on the post title

    Edit - sort of worked it out now

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