FOR SALE 1974 T2 1600 Westfalia Camper SOLD

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    MOT work update.

    Offside outer boot completely shot. CV joint probably knackered. Nearside still intact but the rubber is looking perished.
    All the bolts on the wheelsides were hex. Cleaned the heads, hammered a bit in, cleaned out again the they all come undone with no issues.
    Both side of the gearbox were all splines. Same process as hex and they all came out intact.
    Don't mistake torx for spline bits, similar but they will ruin the bolt heads. Spline on the left.
    Offside CV joint showing signs of damage/wear. IMG_1968.JPG

    Changed this CV joint and all 4 CV boots as they are not expensive and I was laying on the floor anyway.


    The washer problem was a split hose on the lower connection of the wiper stalk. I just shortened this by 40mm and reconnected. Problem solved.

    The oil leak looks like it's straight out of the sump plate. I'll have a look at this tomorrow.
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  2. Is that multi purpose grease on the joint .?
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    LM2, Tin says suitable for packing wheel bearings and CV joints.
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    Oil leak fixed.

    Now with full MOT.

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    Found a few bits that belong with the bus.

    Rest of the mat set, unused.

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    Also found this unit and cooker. IMG_1974.JPG IMG_1975.JPG
  7. is this still available?

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    Yes... I have an offer in hand, 2 viewings lined up and a let me think about it for a couple of days. All could come to nothing! I'm happy to carry on selling until there is actuall money in the bank:)
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    Had a little tidy of the gutters. Just a wire wheel some kurust, zinc 182, glazing putty and a bit of white spray. Not claiming it’s a permanent fix but it will protect the bad areas from the elements.

    Looks better than the icky hole:thumbsup:

    Took your other advise and gave it a polish. Now the wife has mentioned keeping it:rolleyes:

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    Now Sold.

    Nice family. Hopefully they will get plenty of trouble free use and maybe make an appearance on TLB.

    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.
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