FOR SALE 1974/75 Devon Baywindow. fantastic bus! :)

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  1. VW T2 Baywindow for sale!
    Its built in 1974, registered 1975.
    in VW Brilliant jaffa/ Pastel White
    all new jacking points.
    new original front clip
    New wheel arches
    all rust free doors from USA, except the slider which was repaired.
    full madmatz carpet set
    Thermal and sound insulation throughout
    Fully refurbished pop top, all the way to the rivets, new seals and waterproofed.
    new bunks with powdercoated poles and fixings. can support over 100kgs each.
    powdercoated wheels.
    originals glass (except slider which i smashed and replaced)
    under dash lights
    MCJ steering wheel, door pulls, window winders, handbrake pull and seat knobs.
    CSP shifter with reverse lockout
    brazillian bumpers
    Swing out cooker containing hob with glass lid. quick release catch if you want to remove and cook outside.
    all new brakes, from pedal to pads.
    rot free beam, painted. all new ball joints, track rods etc etc.
    Bus is lowered by 2 splines at the back and CSP beam adjusters up front, easily reversible if you want it higher. or take it even lower but will need smaller tyres and/or horseshoe plates on the rear.
    engine is 1600TP, original condition, new flywheel. works perfect and no oil leaks believe it or not :)
    stainless JK quiet pack exhaust.
    new fuel sender, rust free tank from the US, cleaned out and painted, all new rated fuel lines and breathers.
    comes with a van cover and a wheel clamp.
    along with a load of other small spares
    all new belly pans underneath which have been powder-coated prior to fitting, then under sealed and waxoyled underneath the whole bus. the underside is pretty much as good as the bits you can see :)
    bad points :
    - One headlight is a bit iffy, tap it and it comes on so i;m pretty sure its a dirty earth connection (I may get round to fixing it) (SMALL ISSUE)
    - fuel gauge doesn't work, I have a new one included, but not fitted.
    - interior door handle pulls are fitted upside down (my fault) doesnt matter but i cant be bothered to remove door cards to right it. (i dont want to risk damaging the door cards)

    located in IP22 postcode area.
    looking for £22,995.00 ONO. i'm in absolutely no rush to sell :)

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  2. Where did all the pictures go that I uploaded??
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    There was only 1 the first time I looked at it. Assumed you were being lazy!
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    I only saw one - thought the same as Doug :)
  5. I'll try again later on the laptop
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  7. Nice bus!
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  8. Looks great

    Is the top of the devon roof painted or vinyl?

    If vinyl where did you source it / what did you use please.

    Good luck with sale.
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  9. Hi mate, it was stripped back to bare aluminium, primed/painted, new rivets and then a high temp marine vinyl over the top to waterproof it. I think it was Nautolex marine vinyl. But cant remember where i bought it from
    Well worth doing if you have the top off
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  10. Thanks ill make a note of that for next time my top is off
  11. Wow. That’s a proper un.
  12. Nice! Wasn't someone looking for a top Bus on here?
  13. Yes, maybe me you're thinking of? Still looking but hard when you can't travel!
  14. If carl bought it to you he would be a delivery driver ?
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  15. Haha yeah then would catch the virus on the bus home .
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  16. If you are interested, drop me a line when this all dies down. If nothing else it will be a good chance to get out the house!
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  17. Will do, thanks
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  19. With all that money you could order a stretched limo ,keep ya distance you fool :D hope your ok Carl , it’s a great bus sit init and reflect before it goes :thumbsup:
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