FOR SALE 1973 Westfalia, The "FLAGBUS". SOLD.

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by GONA66, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. There’s also Just Kampers. I’ve seen a few go up in the last couple weeks that changed status to SOLD a couple days later. Though there’s a chance that they were advertised elsewhere.
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  2. Forgot to mention in my other post, its also free to advertise on JUST KAMPERS marketplace, I had quite a few enquiries for mine when I put it on there. Can put a lot of info and pics in the ad. good luck
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  3. Can't believe this has not sold ....i remember looking at the underneath of it at techenders a brand new one .
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  4. It has many and more varied colours than a tramp's poo, is slightly offensive to the eyes/taste of many people, but jeez.....this is a lovely bus, that I would drive the bejeesus out of! Look at it! With your eyes, people! Its lovely!

    Not taking the mick.....its fantastic! How it hasn't sold, when you see all these other 'restored' piles of wouldn't have to remember where you parked it either!
    Love it, and Good luck with the sale
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  5. Would you accept £14,
    Would you accept £14.000 for the camper
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  7. We have now sold our house ( only on the market 5 days ) :eek: so I really would like the Flagbus to be sold prior to moving so i'm open to sensible offers !
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  8. Great price for a lovely bus. There is so much crap on the market for £25k plus at the moment on Ebay. Might be worth trying there?
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  9. PM sent. :)
  10. PM received and replied :)
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  12. Where are you moving to G? Well done with the sale :)
  13. Whereabouts in 'that there London' are you Vespacelli?

    pop a little intro in the Introduce yourself thread. :)
  14. A grand total of approx 3 miles :) Nateby to Catterall ! i've heard it's warmer south :D.
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  15. Officially SOLD , being collected on sunday to a very nice chap via the Latebay ! ...............i also had the crewcab MOT'd yesterday passed first time , it has only done 17 miles since the last MOT in February 2017 :eek:. I really need to work less and get out more . I'll post a pic up later of them both for the final time , been keeping each other company in the garage for the last 40 + months.......and before anybody does it ,i'll do it....:TTIWWP:
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  16. Pics ad promised. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  17. I heard it’s a bit rough in Catterall! :confused: :p
  18. Love the crew cab ... and the reg Run to the mum!:D
  19. Morning, I’m in Hoxton. I’ll make a proper intro later, it’s a lovely day to be picking up the Flagbus, heading straight to Edinburgh!
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  20. A few of us up this way, in the civilized part of the Northern world ;)
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