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    email Claire -
    mobile - 07580469692

    VW Type 2 1973, pop top with full original Westfalia conversion. Tax Exempt. I bought her last October and have only done 100 miles or so in her since then as I had a car accident (in my car, not the camper!) and broke so many bones, sustaining tissue crushing injuries and nerve damage down my right side that I was off sick (and unable to drive) for 5 months, I am still struggling to drive now, hence me choosing to sell her.

    In the last year I have had the following work done on her- Full service with all the filters and oil, spark plugs, ht lead, distributor cap, arm and points replaced. New fan belt, new battery .New front discs pads and calipers, new rear shoes, cylinders, drums and back plates. New headlamp relay.

    The year before I bought her she had a new engine completely rebuilt and bored out from 1700cc to 1800cc with new pistons. Her only other modifications are an empi gear shifter and simple leisure battery which feeds a 3 pin plug socket in the back. 2 spare wheels and all current tyres barely used.

    I also paid the VW Heritage automuseum for her 'birth certificate' as she was made in 73 but not first registered until 74, then I registered her as a historic vehicle with the DVLA meaning she is now tax exempt, saving £248 a year.

    Despite recently failing her MOT she does drive very well, she needs a jump start if shes not been driven for a while but I drove her from Urmston to the garage in Hale, to Bury, then home again to Urmston the day that she failed with no problems. Full westfalia conversion still intact- cool box, working stove, sink, rock and roll bed, wardrobe, small swivel table, loads of storage, extra double bed in the pop top roof. Original upholstery on seating and pop top canvas. Less than 90000 miles on the clock. I am the 10th owner from new and have names and address of all previous owners, including letters from some of them.

    The 'small jobs' The lock on the sliding door is temperamental, sometimes I struggle to lock it using the key and so keep it locked from the inside and climb in through the cabin, there is a small (couple of centimeters) tear to the canvas on the pop top, this was taped up by the previous owner and has not shown any signs of leaking since I have had it, it looks easy enough to sew and if I hadn't had my accident I would've done it by now. There is an occasional leak to lower drivers side of the bay window if she has been kept outside overnight in *really* heavy rain, I have made sure when this happens that I dry her out well immediately. Some of her paint is starting to flake off her boot space door.

    The 'bigger job' She has recently failed her MOT due to excessive corrosion underneath to the rear, nearside and offside inner and outer sills. Her offside rear trailing arm rubber bush is deteriorated and resulting in excessive movement, and offside front upper suspension arm ball joint dust cover deteriorating and no longer preventing the ingress of dirt.

    The listing starts at £6,500 but there's a reserve on. It stands her at at least £9.5k and she's looking for offers around £8,499



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  2. Could you post your thoughts on this please, Claire would like to get some feedback on what TLB experts think :thumbsup:
  3. Would need pictures of the extensive rust really, looks on the surface a really nice bus ,nice interior ,RHD ,new engine and tax free.
  4. Thanks David, she bought this after years of waiting and things have gone pear shaped for her. She really upset that it's got to go but needs must. It'd be better if the welding was done first but that can't be done. Reduced asking price as she's quite upset and just wants rid now :-(
  5. We bought our 73 Westy this year - without all the original interior - but it had had all the welding done that you list 6 months before we bought it - we have the invoices for the parts but not the labour as this was done by a friend - not sure how a garage would charge for this but likely up to £2k. Everything else on it looks similar to yours and we paid around £10k for it - which might give you some idea of what yours is worth after welding done.
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    I know this might not be viable but just a thought.....

    If your friend has problems driving it, might getting the brakes converted to servo assisted and a power steering conversion help? If she has been waiting that long it might enable her to keep it?

    As for the add - on the Ebay link the pics of the underneath are no worse than most (though it only shows the suspension).

    Does she know if and when if had paint - if that is the original paint it's hard to imagine it can be that bad underneath....but then more pics would help.
  7. Getting the work done would make it a more attractive proposition for your average buyer, and IMO would also bump the price up.
    Tax free westy that looks very original to me. 1700's is what they came with so likely OG engine too.

    I have a soft spot for 73 Westys as I had one for 10+ years. The most comfortable bed in any camper - FACT.

    The few, poor, underside pics look like it's lived at the bottom of the sea though, I suggest you add some showing the damage to the sills, which may not look as bad as it sounds and help the sale.
  8. NB "excessive corrosion" is a term used on MOT failures so might not be too bad.
  9. ^^^^^ As above really , the corrosion you`ve shown in the ad isn`t really in the areas people want to see . Clear pics of the sills / floor needing work would be better to a potential buyer .
    Concentrate on the positve side of the van , it could be a great with a little work / money spent on it . If i was looking i`d certainly be around for a gander , it has great potential .... :thumbsup:

    Sorry to hear about your friends injuries - hope things improve .

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  10. sell it in April...:thumbsup:

    I don`t think anyone will pay 9k for a resto in winter...
  11. Thanks for the replies, it's not mine though.

    Have suggested that the weldings done and the van MOT'd. I think the extra value of the MOTd van would be a lot more than the cost of the repairs. But when you've lost heart and in the position Claire is, it's not easy committing more money to something that you have to sell.

    Will see if I can get her to take some pics of the sills.
  12. Will pay five grand,
    Can collect tonight,
    I no its late
    will bring cash etc
  13. It`s a good offer, I would consider it...:thumbsup:
  14. Haha - five grand for something that'll be worth well over ten with £1,000 - £1,500 of welding doing (or a few hundred in parts if you can do it yourself)

    I think I can guess what she'll say.

    Can I just say again - THIS IS NOT MINE!! ;)
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    I would say £6k is around the money for it, if it needs inner and outer sills It will also need paint and £1500 will not be enough money to fix it add a few other bits and bobs and you will be £2k into it, if someone's looking to buy for profit then there isn't any, if someone's looking for a lowish priced starter bus and can do the work then it will end up a good but, but not a bargain
  16. Price dropped again.
  17. Reality is its a bus that needs work for MOT - there are plenty out there.

    With a test, in springtime... whole different story.
  18. It would be the best option but unfortunately not one she can take :(

    I think that the cost of getting the work done would be less than the extra value it'd add to the bus, some people simply won't touch an un-MOTd vehicle.

    Sadly that's not going to happen.

    Just wish someone would do the work for her on the understanding that they'll get paid when the bus is sold - like that'll happen :-(
  19. Did the van sale ?

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