FOR SALE 1973 Westfalia Continental

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  1. Its come the time to sell my bay. She just isn't getting the love or use she deserves.

    Tax free.
    11 months MOT (expires April 2019) though its now MOT exempt anyway.
    Solid underneath where it matters.
    1600 twin port with beetle oil bath air cleaner.
    Stainless stock style exhaust with stainless tailpipe.
    4 speed manual.
    New kunifer brake pipes a few years back.
    New fuel lines last year.
    Sony radio cassette with 4 speakers.
    Mazda MX5 front seats with 160W headrest speakers (not connected up but they're there if you want to deafen yourself).
    Westfalia continental interior (UK Helsinki). Some of the original yellow westy fabric is still under the covers).
    2 way (gas and 12V) fridge mounted where coolbox would have been.
    ZIG CF8.
    Eberspacher B1L petrol heater.
    Solar panel on roof rack with dual battery solar regulator.
    Split charge relay and leisure battery (though its likely past its best now).
    Couple of extra 12v sockets in the rear to charge phones etc.
    Westfalia style towbar and wiring.
    Under dash shelf for all your roadtrip goodies.
    Huge truck mirrors.
    Comes with an old Raleigh awning (could do with a few small repairs).

    Camper is in Maryport on the west coast of cumbria.
    Open to offers around the £9.5k mark.

    Everyone like piccies right? So heres a shed load.
    2018-05-19 13.24.45.jpg
    Everyone like piccies right? So heres a shed load.

    2018-05-19 13.25.20.jpg
    2018-05-19 13.25.11.jpg
    2018-05-19 13.24.59.jpg

    1600 twin port
    2018-05-19 13.25.41.jpg
    Dashboard painted white.
    2018-05-12 17.31.00.jpg

    Roof mounted solar panel:
    2018-05-12 17.33.25.jpg
    Dual battery solar regulator mounted in spare wheel well.
    2018-04-20 13.12.14.jpg
    Petrol B1L Eberspacher mounted under buddy seat.
    2018-04-20 13.01.24.jpg

    Raleigh awning.
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  2. Some interior piccies. Curtains are in the house still.
    2018-04-20 12.57.32.jpg
    2018-04-20 13.01.55.jpg

    2018-04-20 13.07.32.jpg
    2018-04-20 12.59.33.jpg

    2018-04-20 13.00.31.jpg
    2018-04-20 13.00.21.jpg
    2018-04-20 13.00.04.jpg
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  3. Nearly 2000 views of the advert on the various sites its on and no interest, apart from possible swaps. :rolleyes:
  4. Still up for sale after no interest at Tatton. :(
    A few people have said its the cheapest MOT'd RHD westfalia for sale in the UK at the moment.
  5. Price drop to £9k or sensible offers.
  6. Keep it till next year
  7. Just means i'll have to insure and MOT it again. Its going on ebay next week probably as a no reserve. Just hope it makes more than the £3k it did last time.
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  8. Is this still for sale?
  9. Yep, still for sale.
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  10. JamesLey

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    Buy it! Buy it!

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  11. I am very tempted...! Can it be used as a daily driver potentially? How good is the air cooled engine (me and air cooled don't get along! I am looking for a water cooled conversion vehicle if possible..?!) Does it need to be stored in a garage over winter? Plus what is it like to drive? I've not actually driven a t2... I know however they do all cost money down the line..! These are probably newbie questions but the only silly question is the one you don't ask...
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  12. they are very good to drive , can be used every day , no race horse , but full of crack
  13. You should perhaps ring @Zebedee he is very knowledgeable and I’d say would be willing to tell you more , seems a bargain at that price ?
  14. Lucky fella on your last comment .;)
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