FOR SALE 1973 tax free westfalia rust free import

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  1. SOLD - gonna cry when it gies but alas its now sold. congratz to its new owner who will be veru pleased with it. Considering selling my pride as joy to help fund a USA house purchase - £11k no offers comes with matching trailer and westy Punch and Judy tent and all the stuff I have added like DVD player / TV / DVD stereo, tracker system etc. not 100% sure ill need to let her go yet so just checking any interest. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1366458805.142987.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1366458843.238222.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1366458880.815596.jpg
    Tyres cost £10 each to kick
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  2. Thats a great price for all that mate :thumbsup:
    Good luck but I'm sure somebody will snap your hand off mate.
  3. We're not interested. So you might as well stay in the UK and come camping with us. ;)
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  4. I'm not moving, just buying a holiday home in SC (I hope)
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    sell a kidney but don't sell the bus.
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  6. Fair play mate. Sounds great.
    Don't you have a child or something you could sell instead? :)
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  7. I guess I should add more detail too, brand new carbs (professionally tuned) full leisure battery system, lots of speakers and multifunctional led lights with remote control, comes with 2 gallons of waxoyl on the underneath (free already applied) brand new cab mats, all new petrol pipes, fitted with hot wire relay thingy, fire tec system, brand new roof canvas and lined roof, continental roof bed (sleeps 2 up top) replaced that after the Hammock got me good and proper :) new curtains in a nifty jaffa polka dot, over riders, badge bar with badges, spot lights, multiple animal horn ;-) cb radio, u name it, I've fitted it. Can do 70 with a fully laden trailer and 4 people on board, even got to 75 following baysearcher on the M42 - centre console storage box, exterior table (jacking leg support made by me) + plenty of spares that I brought "just in case" will add more when I think of it. Will come with a brand new MOT when I get around to taking it in (It will pass np) oh and it's a wicked colour ;-)
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    Oh dear , jaffa bus is a legend :(
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  9. What a shame. I would have been interested but I've just got a sticker for the Green club and the colours would clash. Good luck with the new venture though.
  10. To be honest -£11k is a damn good price for this little lot, someone is going to get a bargain here!
  11. free bump fella glws and your new venture :hattip: jaffa buses rock as you know!!!
  12. Hoping to keep it, house prices in the US have got to Marmite so fingers crossed. It might also seem a complete change of route but also looking at a canal narrowboat in the UK.
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  13. Now stop being a tart, enjoy the bus and lets stop this nonsense now! ;)

    Narrowboat..... campervan..... TOP GEAR? Couldn't you just take a note of Hammond's mistakes and combine the 2?
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  14. Have you decided if your'e gonna sell? Where was she imported from and where are you in the country and do you have any more photos and has she any signs of metal rot??
  15. Possibly still selling yes, she/he was brought from Nevada, then imported via San Fransisco to Chatam in Kent. I am in the West Mids near Stourbridge.
    No metal rot other than one hole each side on the foot step, I believe this is a water trap when cleaning them. I do have the 2 brand new panels to replace but it's not at all bad so I was gonna wait. You can't actually see the small holes as they are under the rubber mat thing that lines the foot well (it's that lower area where the front door slopes down)
    I have literally hundreds of pics. A lot posted on here of the bits and bobs I havedone, I'll try and find the link to them.
  16. Hi dubious. I'm going to register an interest in your bus if you definitely go to sell
  17. Give me a week and I'll know for sure if I'm selling. I'm getting a lot of negativity about selling from the wife and kids
  18. Edited this post as it is for sale :)
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    Didn't buy it in North Wales did you?!.....

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