FOR SALE 1973 T2 twin slider tintop project bare metalled for sale

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  1. Hello, as the title suggests we have an unfinished project that we are unable to complete due to a pending house move..
    Dry stored for the last two and a half years in Wolverhampton.. Bare metalled shell and £1700 worth of panels bought.. Some are welded in, some are tacked in place and some have only been taken out of their boxes.

    The description below is only my opinion and interested parties are welcome to contact me on TLB persoanal messaging service for my contact details. We can then arrange a viewing.

    Front chassis leg cut to size and tacked in place.
    Front A post (welded)
    Front inner valance tacked in place.
    Inner windscreen support (welded)
    Drivers side cab floor (loose) waiting for front chassis leg to be finished.
    Drivers side seat tub tacked.
    Drivers side front wheel arch.. Original californian import (loose)
    2x galvanised/silver rear wheel arches.One cut to size and waiting welding the other untouched.
    2x full length rear corners,just need fine fettling, hole punched and ready for welding.
    Rear inner valance welded in place.
    Rear outer valance,hole punched and waiting welding.
    2x battery trays,one welded to chassis,one not touched.
    2x sliding door inner panels, untouched.
    Sliding door track cover support, welded.
    Front early outer lower valance, untouched.
    2x D posts, welded.
    Inner sill, untouched.
    2x X members, welded.
    I also have two good original cab doors.
    As this is not a walk through model I have fitted a second seat support so two single seats can be fitted.( Porsche Etc... My plan was for a cubby box between the two seats). This can be removed.
    I do have a 3 rib gearbox to go with this but no engine.
    :TTIWWP: I know,I know.. I hate photo bucket but here they are..
    Before work started..

    So, That's pictures..I do have a few more/just ask.. PM me here for my phone/address details.. Viewings in Wolverhampton..Come and have a look if your interested.
    Price.. Offers over £2000.
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  2. [​IMG]
    I keep finding photo's.. I'll post them as I find them.
  3. cool seats! are they going back in at all? ;););)
  4. Which seats.. The ones in the very first picture? If there the ones your talking about, I think they came out of a ford scorpio..Very comfy..
    My missus is 5'2" and couldn't reach the pedals.. I'm 6' and there was no headroom..

    I'm guessing that IF you are 5' 6" with very long legs and no neck they'd be ok? Binned.. Long ago, sorry.
  5. damn it! ok cheers mate lol!
  6. No worries.. Have you tried seats from a subaru legacy?
  7. nooo, do they fit nicely? is that what you're having in? was thinking of Porka tombstones but bus needs lowering first so i dont muller the base bolsters!
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  9. You have mail.
  10. :cool:
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    So is this sold or not?
  12. Bus, engine etc and RJes parts still for sale.

    I do have a PM asking for the RJes parts and the engine maybe but would like to sell as a job lot.
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  14. It might be easier to split the subaru stuff from the T2 stuff IMO, your market for the bus limited to those prepared to have a bash with the Subaru otherwise.
  15. It was just Baysearcher's comment "so is this sold or not". If he is interested in the job lot, brilliant..If he's just curious then I do have someone interested in the Subaru bits.
  16. How much just for the impreza set up
  17. The subaru set up is sold if no one wants it with the bus. Just thought I'd try to sell it all as one. Sorry.
  18. Baysearcher

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    Ive got a Scooby bus so no use to me.
    Was just wondering if the bus was still for sale as the first post sounded like it was, yet you added more bits...
  19. Hi Baysearcher, the bus is still up for sale without the subaru bits.. I only added them to see if there would be any more interest..
    If you would like to have a look at the bus we can arrange that.. Sorry for any confusion. John.
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    The potential purchaser of the conversion set up would like to remain anonymous :baggy: I believe he is hungry for a deal :food: will dance a wee jig if all goes well :chewie:

    and celebrate his good fortune :cheers: after a dash to the bank :dog: . Honest I have no idea who it could be :thinking:

    :D :thumbsup:
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