1973 Rhd devon day van ,2.1with porsche fan kit, tax exempt

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  1. 1973 devon day van,with new 2.1 engine from serrano's full porsche fan & alternator,44ida webbers,full flow oil,and in line stat & oil cooler,new kennedy clutch & starter,ceramic exhaust,tinware powder coated.

    Nos cab doors,Nos sliding door,nos tailgate,nos enginge lid,all new seals,new headliner,full sliding sunroof, full width rock & roll bed,all reupolstered, new lowered adjustable beam,new steering box new calipers & discs,new porsche fuchs mint tyres
    full bare metal respray,maltese cross lightss ive misse, westy towbar chrome delux bumper's mint underneath £14k proberly loads i forgot to say but this van is sweet,had it 6 years and iam gutted too sell :( call 07914201724 will put pics up tomorrow thanks iam in the midlands
  2. Forgot,new gear box,cv joints,ball joints,shocks,anti roll bar rubbers,rear dropped 1 spline outer on doughnuts,new shocks.
    New rear drums,shoes back plates, retaining springs and wheel cyclinders,adjusters handbrake,cables,new dual master cyclinder all new rigid and flexible brake pipes.

    Colour is y6 volkswagen audi 1994

    bluebird fresh air fans
    instrument panel includes vdo Tacho
    opening quaterlights
    recaro front seats,that look cool as and retrimmed
    I have a massive folder with all the work done,& receipts and photos,this van is proper ;)
  3. [​IMG]

    Some interior pics,please bare with me as my pc is proper playing up
  4. Fish

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    have you gone stark staring mad! :eek:
  5. Lol no mate,time too move on,she is my baby without doubt ! and had some awesome times with her,with a tiny bit ov detailing she could be a show winner,but hey ho,i have a t25 westy california,need more ov a family bus ;)
  6. ttt will be at dubfreeze
  7. Up top i have loads more pics ;)

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