FOR SALE 1972 Westy LHD

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  1. Lovely LHD Camper for sale.
    Original Westy interior, well loved, and with that special 70s mustard coloured vinyl feel to it :thumbsup:
    1600 TP engine, that has been serviced regularly and will pootle along happily at 50-55mph on the motorway.
    12 months MOT.
    Tax exempt :).
    Pop Top in good condition, with roof hammock.(canvas replaced 2012)
    3/4 Rock N Roll bed, so 3 berths. The brackets for a cab bunk are present too.
    One 3 point seat belt, and one lap belt in the rear.
    Integral cool box and sink unit.
    4 van rated tyres fitted in 2014, and with very little wear.
    Cab door seals (the quality squidgy ones) replaced in 2014.
    We've had the bus for 3 years, and its taken us on various camping adventures, including a 1500 mile round trip to France.
    We're selling because the needs of a 5 year old mean we dont have the time to give it the ongoing love and attention these classic vehicles need, so its time for someone else to take over and make their own adventures.
    Also included in sale are:
    2 Burner camping stove and gas bottle.
    Mobile hook-up.
    Awning (Camper Shop Outlaw, with pole and clamps)
    JK thermo mats.
    Fiamma 2 bike rack.
    The best thing if you're interested would be to come and take a look yourself.
    Price £11,500 or near offer.
    Located in Bradford, West Yorks.
    Phone John 07956594853
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  2. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

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  3. Nice van for the money
  4. Awwww man what ya doing......?

    V nice bus for someone at a good price.
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  5. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

  6. Yep. Just more practical for our needs at present. Hopefully will get another classic at some point in the future. But for now this is best for us. I don't have any plans to give up the forum just yet though :)
  7. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    Fair enough mate, got a pic?
  8. Of the T5? Not yet Rick, Its still being fitted out. Should pick it up in a week or so. Not a newie, in fact its 11 year old but its a good bus (fingers X'd) :)
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  9. Good bus and great price, good luck with the sale :thumbsup:. Am in the process of getting mine ready for an mot and put up for sale so am just looking at prices to think about.
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  10. We looked at quite a few of the sites to see what folk are asking for their buses. TBH there was quite a range for similar buses. You just have to set what you feel is a fair price. There will usually be some negotiation over price once a prospective buyer has seen a bus "in the flesh". Good luck with yours :thumbsup:
  11. Jack, I am very disappointed in you!
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  12. Good luck with the new ride , stay around too , it will happen to us all soon ooops i mean one day :thumbsup:
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  13. Cheers Barney, as I say, not planning on jumping ship just yet :D. @tuesday_wildchild has had his T5 a while and its never stopped him coming on here :thumbsup:.
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  14. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    Still have the bay and it was driven under its own steam the other day.
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  15. If you have already bought the T5, you may as well just hang onto the bay, better than buying another one in 5 years time!
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  16. This did cross our mind, seriously, but we have nowhere to keep both campers. Should we be lucky enough to be able to have the space and finances to take on another bay later, it would probably be a Westy again, but a Berlin.
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  17. Forgot to add....hub caps, not shown in the pics but there are hub caps :)
  18. How can I remove this thread? Anyone, anyone...Bueller?
    Bus not for sale at mo, will post in Mech tech when I can to explain.......:(. Just a temporary hiccup but can't sell atm.
  19. Have you listened to my wise words and decided not to sell?
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  20. ha ha, no mate! Just a bit of a hitch, drove camper up to the lakes over the weekend, and it was driving pretty poorly, turns out to be burnt valve n cracked head. Bus going back to Peter Fletcher not far from us, where @Ermintrude 's bus is at the moment. No major headaches, just one of them things. Not going to post in Mech/tech as its all in hand. Couldn't possibly sell the bus as is...well I guess we could have dropped the price and said whoever buys it will need to sort the valve/head, but I reckon most prospective buyers will want to buy a camper they can jump in to and drive away :)
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