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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have owned this Westfalia since 2014 and unfortunately work commitments have meant she has become a little neglected.

    With my workload and time away only looking to increase, it is with sadness that we must now let her go. I am looking for a quick sale and therefore would be willing to let her go for less than what she is worth (within reason). Our children are now at an age that they no longer want to take camping trips with us and therefore we would not be using her as much as we have in the past.

    I have been on LateBay since I bought her and although I have rarely posted, we would love to see her go to a real enthusiast that has the time and expertise to bring her back to her former glory than a sale on ebay or gumtree.

    I will be completely open and honest about the van to save everyone's time, and will post or send direct any photographs and answer any questions you have. I know buses of this type are difficult to get hold of but will accept any offers around £8000.

    The issues I am aware of with her at the minute are:
    A number of rust spots/ holes at several points around the bus
    The gearbox has become unreliable and difficult to find second gear
    Paintwork is tired and has some blemishes
    Poptop canvas needs some attention
    Rubber seals have partially perished in places
    Light cluster (OSR) needs rewiring
    Tyre cracked
    Ariel mount broken.
    Engine oil leak


    The engine is in good condition and the interior has all the original fixtures and are also in good condition.
    The van is a little grubby though.

    Please get in touch either via email: or mobile 07772288163.

    Many thanks,

    Gaz 20210626_122301.jpg 20210626_122239.jpg 20210626_122221.jpg 20210626_122248.jpg
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  2. Dubs

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    How much are you looking for, and where are you?
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  3. Apologies,

    I am based in Saltash in Cornwall. I am looking for offers in the region of £8000.
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