1972 US Import Riviera camper = £8,500

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  1. Sadly the buyer pulled out on delivery week...

    So, this 1972 Riviera is back up for sale. A few 100% rock solid bus with a freshly built 1700cc type 4 engine. I can't stress just how solid this rust free bus is - never welded, needs no welding, it is in remarkable condition which belies its 40 years.

    Pick off the waxoil and find factory shiny paint underneath. This van has full UK MOT, is tax exempt and registered on a UK 'K' plate. All new headlights, all new brakes including flexi hoses, master cylinders, shoes, pads, rear cylinders. Engine rebuilt by my own hands :)

    Being a crossdresser it has late bay mechanicals so benefits from servo assisted disc brakes.

    Retrimmed inside with all new wooden door cards - rear seats all trimmed out in magnolia vinyl. 3/4 width 'Z' bed in the rear with wardrobe and head banger. Buddy seat with storage underneath and behind. This bus has 4 lap seat belts in the rear. Rear floor has been insulated and covered in new laminate.

    Located in Hereford. Open to very sensible offers, don't be rude and I won't be rude back. Any inspection welcome.


    +44 (0) 7824 798046 - leave v.mail if no answer
    +44 (0) 1432 340499 - leave v.mail if no answer

    or PM me on here



  2. :)
  3. Looks nice mate. Hope you shift it soon.
  4. Bump for the approaching spring

    Will be at dubfreeze
  5. bump. Will have updated photos of the revised interior soon
  6. Nice bus Joker. I've a White 76 Riviera. Hope she goes to a good home soon
  7. nice one - hope you find it a good home
  8. come on
  9. Its soo close to what i'm after ;)

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