1972 Spitfire

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  1. Some Pics of My Long term Partner..






    and this is the depths I took it too before I got to the where it is in the pics above

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  3. oooh very nice and good colour dont see them that often these days? What are those alloys? Jag? Escort?
  4. Alloys are MGF ones ... makes me a little unpopular among the triumph purist but I like um :)
  5. MGF? Oh right? Well the way I look at things its your car not theirs and you are keeping it alive - if they want to pick the fluff out of their navals let them! :thumbsup:
  6. Did I mention my prototype has a Ford Turbo Diesel engine in the back..... bit of a theme :)
  7. WHAT!!! How very dare you get that Ford cr** out and lawnmower engine back in! Damn modern new fangled electronic trickery!! :p
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  8. If its any consolation I plan on keeping the Westy as standard as possible..... as for the twin slider.....
  9. Great i had 2 both yellow took one to le mans one year
    I will have to find some pictures out it was great fun on roundabouts i got a tr6 after but missed the spitfire
    My plan was to fit a GT6 engine in it but never got round to it
  10. That's one nice Spitfire, love the colour combination, well suited - the choice of alloys goes very well too :thumbsup:
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    I think a lot of people would like to hear more about that - seems VW's were the weapon of choice for that conversion - can you tell us some more about this conversion?

    As for the spit - lovely looking car, you can see the hours that have been put in to that....wheels are cool too.....
  12. If it's any help, I don't like them either.

  13. Here is my Build Thread

  14. Cool.... that's what makes the world the wonderful place it is, how dull it would be if everyone liked my wheels variety is the spice of ... and all that

    Do you like my old period Avon safety Wheels?

    [​IMG] :)
  15. They're an odd thing wheels, very polemic & I know I'm in the minority at the moment, but also ahead of my time.
    The World will soon come to appreciate that I have been correct all along and that oversized modern wheels on old vehicles are an aberration.
    Your Avon safety wheels suit the car much better, they're far better proportioned.
    Thank you for the pic.
  16. So Avon still make tyres!!! The modern alloys on the spit look good in a retro rides style twist but the old ones also fit nicely - depends what you like but I like the idea of both really even though normally I keep everything stock yet alloys are easily swopped so acceptable in my view! haha My Beetle has Empi 8 spokes on from 1987 , my only nod to modernity! Mind you some days I think of going stock tin lids with shiny hubcaps and whitewalls like the van.

    Love the interior on the split btw.
  17. Nicely restored Spitfire - not many dark blue ones about - used to have a Midget that colour and still into MGs but admit that Spitfires have a nice line to them - we have one or two Triumph owners in our MG club.
  18. Nice. I like it. A modern twist. Love the interior. It's a shame the Japanese took over this market with the m x 5.
  19. I had a few Spits back in the day and a couple of Heralds and a Vitesse. We circumnavigated France in a 1500 back in 1986 driving through Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and Andorra took about 3 weeks and only broke down once when a UJ failed in Biarritz.
  20. A pal of mine drove a brand new Spitfire from London to Dubai in 12 days back in the 1970's.
    He did it single handed, just him and a little tent to sleep in at the side of the road.
    Back in those days you could make a lot of $$ bringing in unusual cars to the middle east.
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