1972 beetle

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  1. any 1 to buy my bug ;D mot until july and same with tax but that is freeeeeee lol not perfect just needs a starter moter robbed it for my camper but it does run ok for a 40 year old man ;D don,t want to part with it but got to :'( :'( £30 ;D :'(
  2. no offers no, fletch makin me sell it i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally don,t want him to go but he got his eye on another camper :'(
  3. Hello welcome.
    were are you
    and what are you looking for it, surely it would be better to sell it with a starter
  5. An idea of price would help.
    Offers over £???
  6. i don,t know :thinking: wot you think make offers we won,t be offended ;)
  8. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    Rules state you need a price I'll add one as a lesson lol
  9. for £30 i will have it! ;D :lol:
  10. I'll give you £35 and I'll bring a starter motor with me to drive it away! ;)

    Can't say fairer than that, I'd be doing you a favour getting that old thing off your drive!
  11. ooh he only 40 yrs young im really lookin for a bit more than 35 pound :eek: lookin to start at 1300 :thinking:

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