FOR SALE 1972 1600 with lowered suspension

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  1. IMG_2112.JPG IMG_0095.JPG I am selling my late bay. She is currently at the garage having had new fuel lines and the electrics repaired, total paid and receipts available for £1200 of work at Moores Motor Cars, Clevedon. Currently SORN.

    She has been lowered and the pop up roof replaced with a Paris sunroof. Rock and roll bed in the back, but honestly, she is going to suit someone looking for a project as there is a lot of work to be done, hence the price.

    She will be viewable from Sunday onwards at our home in Marshfield, South Gloucester (just north of Bath). In the picture she is the one on the left.

    She will be going onto Ebay next week at a starting price of £5k. She had a restoration done in 2000 with a record of all works done. She was bought from that person at £7,600 in 2010, receipt available.

    After a visit to Moore's it is clear that she is going to need welding etc which is beyond my ability, and as my son is just about to enter the world of competitive karting I need to release the equity to fund that, hence the sale. I can confirm that the V5C is in place.

    Oh - there are a few extras as well: sun visor, westfalia stove / wardrobe and a full breathable cover, some oil etc. I have posted an older picture of her with Sun visor. This is before the previous owner painted her with chalkboard black so that her art student kids could draw on her :)

    Please email to discuss, arrange a visit etc on
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    So is it £5k?
  3. hopefully more! But if someone turns up with £5k cash on Sunday and no one else makes an offer then yep, would rather see her with the latebayers than out on Ebay
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