160 Amp Mig welder

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  1. My trusty Blackhawk 160 Amp mig welder is up for sale to raise money to help our Government >:D reduce their deficit and shortfalls with the Civil Servants :moon: Pension pot so the idle :censored: can retire early while the rest of us will still be working gone seventy :rant:
    I've had it for a number of years and it still works well.
    Recent new spool holder(weldequip) and complete Eurotorch.Comes with regulators but no gas bottle
    Am looking for as much as possible, £95 ish, offers!

    Collection preferred but will put on pallet for buyer to arrange collection. Am based South east Cambs on Suffolk and Essex borders.

    Please pm me if interested
  2. Bump!
    New price £95 ono before she goes on fleabay!
  3. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Thanks very much Howard64. This is my bargain of the year so far. Nice welder bigger than the pictures, took up half my van. Got it home safe and sound.

    Very helpful guy, can't thank him enough....even provided me with a full can of petrol because it took me a bit longer than expected to find his house and I was running on fumes.

    Thanks again. :mwave:
  4. Makes my welder look like a tonka toy
  5. dog


    nice one. locking up as its sorted!

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