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Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by Herman Ze Bus, May 19, 2021.

  1. I’ve got hold of these alloys for the bus. Wondering what choice I have out there about nicer centre caps bearing in mind speedo cable etc.
    I have new longer studs and some shiny new nuts lol from Heritage ordered.
    Any ideas would be appreciated.


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  2. i'd guess your options are to either run without, or get some spacers to move the wheel further out, or look at shortening the cap.

    some good info here. the vanagon chaps shorten their grease caps to get non-stock wheels to fit. also worth checking what nuts you need. my 80s aftermarket merc wheels needed small ball seat lugs, and my 2012 beetle / heritage wheels also need these too - the original spec bus lug nut is too big to seat properly, worth checking in case your wheels fall off (kidding, but really, check it out :D)

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  3. Thanks, surely I can’t run without on speedo cable side? Or am I mistaken.

    I made sure to order correct nuts I ordered 1 each radiused and tapered nuts just to marry them up where they seat on the rim before I ordered a full set.

    I wanted to get these or similar but I don’t think I could stomach the cost of these!!


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  4. Sorry when I said “run without” I meant leave the wheel centres off. Yes you need to keep the grease cap in place on the hub.

    re the lug nuts, it’s not just a case of tapered vs ball seat, the t2 uses large ball seat, merc or modern Vw wheels have small radius ball seat - you need to make sure you have the right ones to suit those wheels.
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