FOR SALE “Rufus” Late Bay, 2 ltr, RHD Pop Top

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  1. After spending forever wanting to own one, then spending lots of time and money working on it... Believe me, this is a very reluctant sale.


    The van is called Rufus. It’s a right hand drive.

    The van has a current MOT until 03/12/2015

    The milage is stated at 35203 at last MOT, it currently stands at 35,368 (So you can see we have not driven it much)

    There is a bit of rust under the wheel arches, which will need to be dealt with in the next few years.

    The van starts first time, most of the time (Come on, it's a camper van!)


    The interior includes the rock and roll bed and cushions. We have lined the floors and sides with bubble foil and high quality marine ply. The plan was to build our own bespoke interior, unfortunately this has not been possible, so it is either a blank canvas for a buy and install job, or good for someone with the right skills to build upon.

    The van is a 1975 Late Bay, originally imported from Australia. We have done loads of work on it, including the below:
    • Type 4, 2 litre engine installed by VW Voodoo (Newbury based VW specialists).
    • With the engine, came a new fan belt, oli filter, plugs etc
    • Upholstery for 2 cab seats and rock and roll bed, plus upholstered matching door cards (total cost of more than £1,000)
    • Rock and Roll bed from Rusty Lee (you'll note from the pictures that it is not screwed securely, I'll make sure it is in time for collection)
    • New Pop Top canvas and professional fitting, including carpeting and finishing.
    • Dormobile skylight
    • New battery tray
    • New leisure battery
    • New split charge system and sundries
    • Gearbox hanging mount
    • Starter motor
    • Ancillary battery
    • Wiper blades (although one needs to be replaced, will do this before the purchase and collection)
    • New steering box
    • Window winders
    • Door handle covers
    • Door pulls
    • Fiamma 2 Bike Rack
    • Plus more
    The V5 document is in my name and will tell you the following:

    The previous owner owned it for 10 years.

    The van was registered/used overseas and declared manufactured in 1975 (so should be qualifying for tax free status shortly)

    It's registered as a motor caravan, the colour also matches.

    The van comes with a cover; it is good quality however the straps have worn away now.

    More photos are available here

    I have additional items available outside of the sale that the buyer maybe interested in, such as the Waeco CR50 Fridge, Smeg hob and sink unit and lots of beech plywood.

    Any questions, please send them via here or call/text to 0777 6293194.

    The van is in Newbury, viewers very welcome.

    Price £10,000
  2. Here are some interior shots


  3. Looks like a lot of the hard work has been done!
    Just the ticket for someone with general DIY skills to finish off over the winter. I like the colour. Shame it needs welding.
  4. Certainly been a lot of hardwork... I have a list of work completed and all of the new parts (receipts) if anyone wants to have a look at them.
  5. I'm off to see two tomorrow otherwise I would love to take a look at this. Will see what happens tomorrow.

    E x
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  6. bernjb56

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    You don't hang around do you :thumbsup:
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  7. You forgot to mention the pop out rear window (I think youd be better removing that and selling it to me lol)
  8. Oh yes :) i forgot that they are quite rare... maybe i should put the price up!
  9. Toooooo cheap maybe, maybe not ??????
  10. Nice Ausie pop top
  11. Rare and sort after ££££[​IMG]
  12. thanks Paul, you have a nice bus there. Hard one to price... spent nearly £8k on it, so can never hope to recoup the investment but i would rather it went to a good home, than it sit on the drive way. :)
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  13. Sought after! Btw is your bus called delilah?
  14. Yes!
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  15. Thanks!
    It's all about luck, timing and patience. Is it advertised anywhere else ?
    Like classic car mag . If someone is prepared to pay good money ,it's probably going to a good home
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  16. Thanks for the Classic Car Mag tip @paul2590 placing an ad on there also.
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  17. I might be interested in the other items for sale can you Pm me , as I'm converting a T5
  18. Hi mikerob
    Is this still fir sale?
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  19. Hi I know someone looking il try and direct them this way
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