‘Factory’ towbar but bumper wont fit...

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by illzlee, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. After some advice from the collective please!

    Bought what I thought was a factory Vw Sean neck towbar off eBay, ran the van without a rear bumper for the summer with no issues.

    I’ve come to fit the bumper back on and the bumper irons seem too narrow to fit around the towbar.

    Has anyone experienced this? Do you have to grind off the inner edge of the bumper mounts?




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  2. Does the bumper attach directly to the towbar, Westie-style?
  3. The towbar brackets should be the same as the bumper brackets. Remove from bumper and fit to towbar
  4. davidoft

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    Most factory tow bars have the bumper irons as part of the tow bar, they may have been cut off , otherwise try removing the bumper irons from the bumper fit the tow bar and irons to the van and see if the holes are close enough to bolt the bumper on, there’s quite a bit of adjustment
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  5. Nope. Doesn’t look like any mounting brackets have been cut off either

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  6. On mine the towbar bolts with 2 bolts to the chassis rail then the bumper irons bolt to the towbar.
    Look above the oil filter in this picture. The bolts are holding the towbar on.
    So the rear bumper makes a comfy seat.
  7. Yeah my aftermarket one was like this

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  8. Nice to see a sturdy guard under the filter;)
    Just the job for a trans Sahara trip.
  9. It does look like they have been cut off yours .
    You say factory !you mean westfalia ?
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  10. I will be driving to Kent where many years ago somebody was killed when a bongo antelope jumped over a hedge onto their car driving along on a country lane . Leakage from Howletts Zoo...

    These days I just use a shorter filter, the Mann W719/5 off a Golf, costs more like £5.50 than £20 and is possibly better made.
  11. I was just loading up and I took this better view..
    The stainless plate to the left is an attempt to slow the rate of mud filling the gap between the bumper and the bumper iron when escaping from a wet field in rally cross style. ( Techenders March 2018)

    The eye is me.

    This arrangement can tow start a Transit flatbed.
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