‘73 braking master cylinder correct?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by JamesLey, Mar 13, 2018.

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    Is our brake setup correct? Our bus is an early late bay so has always had some oddities to it.
    We have drums on the back, discs on the front, however the master cylinder has no servo present. According to the Bentley manual, vans with discs on the front were fitted with servos. Is this just another oddity of the model year, or should it definitely have a servo? I never had issues with the brakes so am happy to leave it without one if it’s ok to do so.

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  2. Nope mines 74 and disks and no servo:)
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  3. Mine has disks but had no servo. I fitted a remote servo. Mine is July 72
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    Fantastic. That’s another thing I won’t have to buy then! It’s been an expensive month on it so far, and now I need a new front beam! ;(

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  5. Get a front beam with the servo bracket. Then you can modify to a servo in the future when funds allow.
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  6. Nothing wrong with your beam:rolleyes: just wrld it up good as new ;):D
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  7. Yep get a beam with a servo bracket on ...then it's there when an if to sort ...won't be any more expensive .
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    It started out as a simple “weld up the minor holes” repair. When I tried to find fresh metal it became clear the ends of both tubes were very crusty and the towers were rusting heavily from the inside out. Looking at a Cali import beam tonight.

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  9. Ok il let you off :)
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  10. Also be aware some of the new beams on the market do do have the servo bracket in the correct place for RHD so it fouls the steering system.

    I brought an adjustable from JK and to be honest it has transformed the handling of the van. No more been blown off the motorway. Well worth the money.

    A servo and power steering and a bus can easily become a comfortable daily driver even in London.
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    I was tempted by a creative engineering standard beam but they’re £550! They look nice though.

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  12. How difficult is it to fit a remote servo? Any pictures? Thanks
  13. Always go for a standard servo if you can first. They are better and more fail safe.

    Also the dual circuit will require 2 servos which will end up more expensive.

    Remote servos I only have on much older vehicles like splits.

    The standard servo is very easy to fit. I go for the Brazilian Servo and M/C and the feel is very nice.

    Also a new beam is well worth the £550. You get new needle bearings and the steering idler pin has no play. I love my new beam. I feel confident enough to drive in the wind now! I will be fitting one to all my vans in due course.
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  14. James, @martinvention came round to mine and measured up Desmond's front beam servo bracket and made one. If your new one is minus the bracket I'm sure Martin has the pattern.
    Can you really not weld it up, go on you like a challenge :D
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    It’s a definite possibility if the import one is too expensive or needs work. Creative Engineering are only down the road from me too!

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  16. Why would the dual circuit need two servos?
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    As much as I love a challenge I’d need to fabricate new towers both ends and re-sleeve the ends of the torsion tubes.
    Given how safety critical the beam is I’m hesitant to repair. Perhaps I’ll keep it for a rainy day Welding project.

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  18. Thanks Paul for the above reminder. James mine is a 79 with front discs and drums at the back and no servo, I get the impression it was a factory optional extra. I have decided to use a new Brazilian servo and dual circuit master cylinder and fitted a bracket to a replacement (ex-South Africa) beam. You have to be careful when welding to the beam tubes see below, this the template for the bracket :
    Servo Bkt Diagram.jpg

    Full details on page 4 of the Lottie restro thread. Regarding remote servos and I hope modern units are a better design, a little anecdote from my Reliant Scimitar days. I retro fitted mine with a direct acting unit to replace the original Girling Powerstop within which the hydraulic and vacuum sides shared a valve that occasionally failed. This had the dramatic effect of a sudden surge in speed as the inflammable hydraulic oil was sucked into the engine, followed by no brakes!!!!!!!!!!
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    Cheers Martin. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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  20. I have a CE one and it’s
    I priced up repairs, new bearings, bushes, steering pin and powder coating of my old one and it’s not that much more for the CE one

    One thing to watch with the CE one and the JK one with adjusters you can’t run it at standard height without modifications to the gear selector rod
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