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    Ewan McGregor OBE, Los Angeles, California (acquired in 2008)
    Current Owner

    Designed by Dutch Volkswagen distributor Ben Pon and based on Volkswagen’s original Type 1 “Beetle” Sedan, the Type 2 Transporter debuted at Geneva in 1949. While intended as a practical cargo hauler, its effect and influence were immediate and far-reaching. Easy and economical to maintain and operate, the Transporter was ideally suited to a multitude of uses and gathered a worldwide following.

    Volkswagen’s Transporter soon evolved into several variants, including pickup trucks, the dual-purpose Kombi, and a wide variety of camper variants – beginning with Westfalia-built examples from as early as 1949 – which were alternatively known as “Campmobiles.” Production of the first-generation Transporters continued through 1967, and they continue to enjoy a cult-like following as 1960s counterculture icons with avant-garde fair.

    Complete with a period Westfalia trailer with external perimeter luggage rack and period suitcases, this final-year Type 2 Camper from 1967 features a pop-up roof, rear luggage rack, awning, door-pantry shelves, a running-water sink, Venetian-blind side windows, period-style upholstery, and a detailed engine bay. Once the unqualified choice of value-conscious families and traveling hippies alike, this wonderful 1967 Type 2 Camper was formerly owned by acclaimed actor Ewan McGregor OBE and now stands ready for more adventures.
  2. Does Ewan McGregor come with it - Light sabre and a back up motorcycle with Charlie Borman rabbitting on about summat...... I digress.
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  3. some stupidly rich star wars fan will snap this up and never use it lol
  4. choice of value-conscious families.....:)

    i saw a pic of Ewan picking up his xmas tree in his split pick up .... that was better...:thumbsup:
  5. Terrordales

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    Sorry I'd only pay that sort of money if it had been owned by The Sith Lord Darth Vader, not some goody two shoes Jedi bth_vaderflow.gif
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  6. I do find this sort of thing amusing really £70K!! Its all about celeb rather than content - as nice as it looks and even if I thought £70K was pocket money ..... still I only paid £650 for my rusty Split way back in the day , but it only drove up and down my drive in 10 years ahem.... at least the £70K one drives normally! Bargain! o_O
  7. I know of a right hand 23 window one owner samba, oak devon camper inside, 26.000 miles from new was sold last year reduced from£120.000 to £99.000 to someone in England!!! I did view this (not to buy) It was as new and should have been in a museum. I'd be scared stiff to take it out of a secured fort knox garage.
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  8. Unfortunately, adter being in the classic car seen my whole life , its become a rich persons game now. The cars I used to have (which were never anything exotic) are creeping up in price. People use them as an investments like fine vintage wine. Funny world innit!
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  9. God yes, wish I still had some of my old cars! My first car was a 1952 split screen convertible Morris Minor then a 61 mark 2 jag saloon, those were days!
  10. The moggies have gone down in price ironically except travellers - I recently got my other half a moggy saloon as a birthday pressie this year! I love it never had one before. Its funny I am currently rebuilding the van engine and when I look at the A series engine in the mog, its like the Germans were about 30 years ahead in technology! The Aircooled engine is an F-16 fighter whilst the A series is a horse and cart and I love them both for those reasons!
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  12. theers 2 23 sambas beside me 1 has insurance valuation of120k nut bolt resto to a massive standard the other 60k way over priced
  13. that's a 'good krack!'
  14. I love it, the colour, the interior, perfect. Apart from the 70k.
  15. they are mad

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