WANTED £5k bay :)

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by konaboy6284, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. not for me, im very happy with mine :)

    but a friend is desperate for a bay, and has around 5k to spend on one.
    massive resto projects need not apply im afraid,
    a MOT'able one, (or very close too!) is what she needs.
    unfortunately she lives too far from me to be able to buy a rotbox and feasibly repair it.
    need to be a camper (not crewcabs, etc) although i dont think interior condition is an issue.
    im going on what she has said, so..

    anyone got anything along these lines?
    cheers muchly
  2. VW Downunder had a Deluxe (LHD) Bay on e-bay a short while ago (don't think it went -in the middle of all that snow etc;) for £5K , no MOT - apparently only needs the basics to pass (lights/brakes/washer-wipers).......?, a bit
    ratty but a nice light blue.
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  3. davidoft

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    Where is she based? Does it needed to be close enough for her to view, is one mot,d etc for a little more cash any interest?
  4. i will have a gander at the leftie, cheers :)

    and shes based in torquay, but im based in bristol, and i could veiw it. and id be happy to travel to veiw it as well.
    as she was going to be buying mine, but then my plans changed (for the better!) so now its not for sale, and i kinda feel bad for getting her hopes up.

    and possibly davidoft, how much is a little more? thats the real question :thumbsup:
  5. VWDownunder have a website, and certainly have the facilities to do the the work needed but (for whatever reason they seem to want to shift this as is) - they may be too busy with complete resto's and don't want everyday work?.
    They are in Fobbing, just South of Basildon in Essex - but contact them first as it may be sold or they have something else.................?.
  6. Ill keep my eye out for you dude
  7. cheers guys :)
  8. My Friend Anton has a Mot'd Viking up for sale.
    Under 5k & other than tatty paint is rather nice & usable from the word go.
    PM me if you want his number.
    He's in the S.E London / North Kent area.
    He has pics of it on another forum (he's not on here).


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