£4 Million lottery win for transgender taxi driver

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by crossy2112, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Does take a while...
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    The Bonnet Babe from the January edition of Taxis & Ubers of East Grinstead magazine.
  3. Oi
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  4. Oi
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  5. Savaloy
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    I love the Savaloy operas by Gilbert and Sullivan.
    Tasty musical morsels.
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  7. Pfwooooor!
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    You would, wouldn't you?
  9. I find the whole thing quite disgusting and a shocking state of affairs ....Tranny or straight blokes arses will always really really stink.
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    We need to see your research into this and a statistical analysis.
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  11. It's to do with distance my good man .....you don't even need to really stoop.;)
  12. I believe it was in the August '15 issue of The Lancet.
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  13. Get a room you two...:rolleyes:
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  14. I once had dinner at the Savaloy I’ll have you know.
    It was crap so I nicked the monogrammed napkin.

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  15. I see what you did there...
    “..Bugger to drive in”

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  16. Unfortunately, Thursdays are his "Theresa nights"...
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  17. Was this the same person that was on Jeremy Kyle last night? If not they are a bloody good ringer.

    Edit: Just looked it up and it was.

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