£30,000 in 1984. What could you do with that amount in those days?

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    My dad was an inspector of mental health facilities for the Welsh Office and my my was a nurse.....maybe they had a big mortgage :eek:

    Average house price was £31,000 - for a 3 bed semi - so £36k is daft for a 5 bed semi.

    List price for a Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera in 1984 was £22, 537.
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  2. List price isn't really relevant, no-one would buy one for that money.
    My 944S had a list price of £24,000 in '87 but mine has a sunroof, ABS, big wheels, sports seats, and so on and topped out at £36,000
    Which is and was a shocking amount for a 944!
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    1984 I was on £1.37 a week!:eek:
  4. 30 000 bottles of Newcastle Brown, was n't that far off either:cheers:
  5. My old mans latest motorhome was about 80k I think, was secondhand but very new.
    But it is his house aswell _ lives in it full time travelling the world (spending my inheritance :mad: ! )
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  7. pouqua pas you only live once..
  8. lol i remember those days. the joy of getting a rise from £25 to £27.50 a week was overwhelming lol
  9. it is but if you look at modern motorhomes they can easily cost that much and people buy them. They then tow a car behind which gets me wondering why not just get a car and caravan in the first place???!!!
  10. To post up and make the point you did. :thumbsup:
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    some people can't reverse a caravan :lol:
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    I started work in 84 and earned £100 a week inc bonus. The following year my then partner and i bought a 2 bed flat for £30,000. Bad news, we split up 6 months later :( good news sold it for £40,000 :) bad news house prices so shooting up I couldn't afford to buy a place on my own :(

    That was in Oxfordshire tho. I bought my sheffield 3 bed terrace in 98 for £34,000!
  13. how do they reverse a motorhome with a car on a trailer on the back then?? lol
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  14. If the car is on an A frame, you just get out of the M'home, jump in the car & back up the 'rig' using the car as motive power.

    That's why you see so many neatly parked A framed cars & such sloppy parking with the M'home.

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