£3.71 of happiness!

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  1. Last year I prepped the van for major rear end surgery and managed to shatter an original feature that I thought was irreplaceable whilst trying to remove it carefully. It's the small clear plastic bung that blocks up the round hole in the rear valance just below the left hand side of the engine lid. I was gutted - I love original parts and I hate it when I b@gger them. Especially when I knew it was old and brittle and easily smashed into tiny pieces.
    After looking at every shape and size of VAG bung on tinternet I couldn't believe it when good ol' JK came up a listing with what seemed to be the plug. Lo and behold and £3.71 later I've got a new plug complete with the tiny VW logo. OCD well and truely scratched for less than the price of a pint. Life doesn't get any better than that.
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  5. Oh FFS....
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