£3 400ml tyre weld in Asda

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  1. thought i'd let folks know. it's holts tyre weld.
  2. And its rubbish
  4. This type of product is a better option - it actually fixes the problem rather than filling your tyre with gunk. I have never had to do a car tyre, but I did use it to fix a bike tyre and did a couple of thousand more miles on it before it wore out. Don't rely on the small gas cannisters for pumping the tyre up though - they don't work very well as you lose a lot of the gas. A pump is easier / better / more reliable.

  5. Is"nt it the case when pumping up any tyre its best to get wheel in air , ? along the lines off , if still on ground , attempt is made to pump up tyre and "lift" vehicle ?
  6. Ive used tyre weld on 3 seperate occasions and with and without extra air and its Marmite

    There is a solution you put into a tyre before a puncture that seals as it happens and the farmers and game keepers round here swear by it
  7. Just tried some the other day to experiment and yes its rubbish
    as a little extra i was talking to someone who works at a tyre place and they said they charge extra to remove a tyre with it in and cant repair the tyre so you have to buy a new tyre.

    The stuff i use to use on the motorbike and push bike was slime a green liquid that stayed in the tyre
  8. aspeople had mentioned it on here i just thought i'd let folks know it was on offer :(
  10. Could someone that has used it please explain why Holts tyre weld is rubbish and !@*# in a few more words - what does it do or not do?

    I don’t have a spare tyre in my Bay or my MGB but I do carry a tyre repair spray and a small compressor in both, Holts that has not been used in ten years in the MG and one in the Bay that I have just bought in France but can’t remember the name of.
  11. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

  14. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!


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