£2 clock in dash. ideal if on a budget

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by davedub, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Just a quick share with you guys. I now have a clock in the blank panel in the instrument cluster. very easy to do but a little bit fiddly.

    I purchased a £2 clock mech from maplins and this runs on 1 x AA battery so no need for cable running anywhere.

    Removed faceplate from the dash and the glass. simply used a nail and hammer to punch out the centre rivet in the blank faceplate. attached clock mech to the back of the plate with gaffer tape.

    then put the hands on the spindle and put back in the dash.

    total cost £2 plus half hour in time. alot cheaper than paying 300 on fleabay.

  2. Looks ideal! I've been faffing about with a type 3 clock, what a mess!! Oh by the way loving the steering wheel compass thingy!
  3. Good idea dude 8)
  4. Marvelous :)
  5. Woodylubber

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    Great idea ;D karma
  6. Bet you take the battery out when you're camping. ;)
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  7. i love it! i just have a hole (no glass or anything) after someone tried to shove a rev counter in there and got it stuck.

    will be after more advice on these at a more brain-engaged hour. it's bloody genius!
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  8. looks good ,i got me rpm counter there.......see that air vent ,if you slip that out ,it holds a can of soft drink looool...my mrs hates it when i do that ....peace out ..nice lil tip bruv
  9. Very smart. There a mirror there in mine. Very disconcerting seeing my ugly boat and big daft beard. I've stuck a temperature gauge over it.
  10. Wow a compass built into your knob - what will they think of next ;D
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  13. With a little bit of electrickory you could wire in a mobile phone charger with a 1.2-1.5v output to the clock and save the need for changing the battery and removing the dash...

    Excellent idea - I love free or cheap fixes :)
  14. Battery dies today. Maybe should wire a clock in. But for £2 I think I Amy keep it.
  15. great idea..:thumbsup:
  16. Surely you would keep spare batteries? I would - I also have a mini electric shaver that runs off AA batteries that lives in the van, torches, etc.

    You could also try and get numbers to match the speedo, then it would look perfect.
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    I hear you (well I hear that :lol:) I had the same problem when I fitted this type of motor to a type 3 clock. I can't stand cheap tick tock clocks. A quick search on eBay and you can find "silent clock movement" units. And they work.
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    i disconnect the main battery of the van when i camp 'cos the deluxe clock ticks loud, why isit i can go to sleep with the telly on or the radio, but a clock? no way.
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    They are noisy aren't they. Fitted one this week to a bus and I was surprised. The T3 one I have that sadly died had a beautiful mechanism that was as much of a joy to watch working as it was to have a clock in the bus. It was incredibly silent.

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