£1100 for westy interior realistic?

Discussion in 'Camper Conversions' started by SkutterBob, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. I have seen someone try to flog a westy interior - the full width bed one with flip down cooker behind drivers seat, sink unit behind passengers and overhead cupboard for £1100. It is in good nick - is this realistic?
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  3. No, just the units. The guy has someone interested. I know people will pay what they think it is worth, but I think it is too much.
  4. ive seen them on ebay for that and a bit more ..:hattip:
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  6. Cool, now I can afford a lot more when I sell mine!
  7. A WESTY isnt a WESTY without it .
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  8. Mine is a Devon with a Continental interior supplied by Westfalia, so I'm not too bothered.
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    @SkutterBob people always say they have someone else interested. its playground tactics. Just make your lowest offer, say take it or leave it, and leave him to think it over.
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  10. Thought the continental was the one with the flip down cooker behind the drivers seat ?
    Why would you want two interiors?
  11. I am gearing up for changing mine and am trying to work out what it is worth.
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    I'd say condition really matters - the cherry formica is only really now coming available and is priced as somewhere near the national debt of Greece.

    Selling/buying - if its the cherry colour, and chips or large parts missing are extremely hard to fix if you are fussy.
  13. Fair enough ,I think £1000 is about spot on if they are in good condition.
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    @skutter - so are you looking to sell your interior then? Continental yeah?
  15. I am looking at going to get an interior from Dubteriors. I am visiting them in a few weeks. Will decide after that.
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    ok @SkutterBob if you decide to sell, i am looking so remember me.

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