FOR SALE X Reg Toyota Celica VVTi

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  1. Just landed a company car !!

    So ...

    X Reg Toyota Celica VVTI for sale ...

    114k miles
    11 months MOT
    Dark Blue
    Everything works even Aircon
    New front discs and pads

    Worn round the edges but super reliable ....

    Needs new wiper blades

    £375.00 .... bargain

    Yes yes .. I'll get a pic up if anyone is interested ... but lets face it ... it starts stops and has nearly a full years MOT
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  2. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    I’ve actually seen this car and it’s very nice :)
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  3. Lovely car....X plate ? Reg is 03
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  5. How bizarre

    The MOT when I look is correct 2019 and it definitely is an x reg ... it has actually sold subject to payment - and sometimes eBay then just randomly displays you a different ad

    Item number is
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  6. yes thats what it has done
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  7. Bargain , looked good fa the money , I like um :thumbsup:
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