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  1. Just been reading about the quality of certain manufacturers oil filters. A few folk mainly over the pond have had oil pressure issues with some.
    WIX filters get mentioned as being a top quality filter. Has anyone come across them. Seem to be available in the UK but not sure on cross reference for part number.
  2. My mate is a race engineer for a US team, they use WIX stuff on the race cars. He says good things about them.
  3. The WIX filters do get good reviews in the USA. I decided a long time back to stop buying the FRAM HP-1 at £20 a shot. Especially when it was made in the EU and so crossed the Atlantic twice increasing in price as it went.
    So I switched to the Mann W719/5 as that is an old Golf filter so available from GSF and something like it from VW dealers.

    Its about a quarter the price of the HP-1 and still withstands 20W/50 on a cold start at -3 C on an engine with sticky oil plungers, or 105psi+ (max sensor reading)..
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    Just fitted a set to my 2010 Passat, it’s been a week and it still runs
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  7. 5F65C60D-22A1-4E3C-84E9-6CA5C40C0FE0.png Are we happy with this at the bargain price of £3.99?
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  9. Assuming it’s not a Chinese knock-off, yes.
  10. I use WIX on the bug which has a street/strip engine in it. The received wisdom is that the jaffa brand ones have quality control issues ....

    Having said that in the summer I used an jaffa brand HP1 on the trip to France and everything seemed ok, but bar dissecting the can afterwards I'm not certain how I'd know.

    Bear in mind, that depending upon which part number you get you may need to change the oil more often as the race filters are higher flow, which always comes at a filtration cost.

    I get mine which are HP1 replacements from Ritchie @ http://www.rjvolksperformance.com/engine-parts.html
  11. Ordered a MANN filter fron euro car parts. They have got a discount on till midnight 37% off. Good deal :)
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  12. The filters I use are taller than the T4 filters, as the road surface is what limits the height of the filter on my setup. About half way to an HP1 from a W220/17.

    Mann thing is they arent overpriced either..

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