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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by MorkC68, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Currently we are rewiring the dash etc in Gusbus, we have sorted all of the wiring out except for one solitary wire & we cannot find reference to it anywhere.

    Its a plain black wire that is connected to the bolt that holds the handbrake arm and the heater totem to its mounting bracket on the bodywork. (Its not connected to the handbrake on warning light as the manuals have different colours).

    Anyone know what it does ???
  2. Honky

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    Are you sure its original?
  3. It does look original as the way the tab is connected to the wire is same as the others! It could be an added wire, which ties in with it not being on wiring diagrams!
  4. What's the other end go to?

    Unlikely to be original, as VW "black" was ignition-switched +12V, which'd cause a fuse to pop if it was grounded at the other end.

    May just be an earth for something installed later.
  5. Honky

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  6. the other end has a spade connector attached...its loose at the moment, hence the question, its baffled us! I wouldnt be surprised if it isnt needed :)

    Its not an earth for the handbrake switch, they are connected!

    Could it be an added earth for the radio?
  7. Birdy

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    Probably the earth lead for the hash cloud floor mounted extractor fan.
  8. :laugh2: :hattip:
  9. Sounds like radio earth to me from location.
  10. Cheers Zed, I'll go with that
  11. If it helps I've got the same wire thats going to no where :eek:
  12. :laugh2: maybe they should be joined together!!
  14. its not the earth for the type 4 engined heater fan is it ?

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