Windscreen Washer HELP!

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Dr Qt, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Arghhhh that makes sence! My other half just pull the other side saying it was brocken before it was pulled.... ill have a look tomorrow at how to remove the dash off!

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  2. There’s screws along the top edge near the windscreen and nuts along the top of the dash behind the padded grab rail section
    You will need to remove the glove box and speedo cluster if memory serves me correctly
  3. Ok so trying to spend odd bits of time here and there has not fixed it so tonight the whole lots coming out and being replaced! tonights the night! I think all the pipes rubbers gone and its kinking....fingers crossed about getting that dash on and off ok!

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  4. HOW are u suposed to squezze the clips?!?!! Taken dash off and the hole though to the other sides not inline!

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  5. [​IMG] see the green dot on image...

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  6. Needle nose pliers or push one side clip with a flat bladed screwdriver until the jet is half way out then push the other side clip with the screwdriver
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