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  1. Honestly. You’re not offending me. It takes a lot more than that. I’m married.

    Yeah that was a big ouch. Head on. Pretty high speed, but luckily for the lady that hit me, cos I drive like miss daisy I wasn’t driving at the speed limit. Fortunately she survived due to the skills of the air ambulance doctors and a trauma surgeon who was brought out from a local hospital. Certainly one of the worst experiences of my life. She wasn’t as lucky. The poor lady never drove again and had to move to a specially adapted house.

    There’s a lot of amazing people out there doing amazing things. Ten years ago I was told that she wouldn’t have survived that.
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  2. It's a bit like when you get stuck behind a cyclist in a hill. There's not a chance in hell that I will stop and try and get going again just to pander to a motor vehicle a recent ish example was he long queue i had behind me going up Monsal Head in the New year. I would never have got restarted on a 16% hill

    *and of course I'd be thinking about my KOM on Strava

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    Good analogy :thumbsup:
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    I have spoken to some serious cyclists, some road workers and horse riders in the past year and they don’t have too many issues with truck drivers at all, but car drivers??
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  5. Please don’t think I’m singling out truck drivers. I’m not. I hate cyclists and horse riders just as much. I’m not completely unreasonable.
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    You do realise we profile build on here don’t you?

    You’re coming across as a Audi driver wrong un thus far :thumbsup:

  7. Louey
  8. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
  9. I don't mind lorries overtaking each other on 3 lane motorways. What pi$$es me off is stupid car drivers who overtake the lorries at 10 mph below the speed limit in the outside lane. That's what causes the hold ups, not the lorries.
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  10. Coolest trucks ever were from the USA. Nothing came close.
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    Too big and showy over here, good over there though :thumbsup:

    My favourite truck I ever had here was like this

    A Volvo F88


    And when Scania’s were good

    A 142

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  12. Trouble is Malc it just falls on deaf ears with this lot ....fact is they have an outer lane which is all there's and it's not truckers fault that the car ..van drivers don't have the capability to see what's ahead of them .
    The art of good driving is to look well ahead and to think of the possible circumstances that might happen .

    To me it is dead obvious when a truck is liable to pull out .
    And if the car drivers in the fast lane weren't going like Excrement off a shovel they would stand a good chance of getting out onto the outer lane and be off, snaking around brake light flickering on and off into the distance .:rolleyes:
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    I think it’s a matter of learning like we had to Ewan!
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  14. Ok, how about motorcyclists who ride superbikes at 100mph everywhere, then scream and gesticulate when they zoom up behind you - even though they weren't even in sight when you started to pull out??
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  15. Oh, why did you have to go and mention two-wheeled rats?!
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  16. Got quite a few nice classic wagons HE Payne ...Seem to recall the steering wheel was similar to the Marathon quite small compared to the old 60's wagons where they were the size of a round dining room table .
    Some of the old Atkis used to have off sett steering wheels so you could put your shoulder to it round tight corners .
    Can you imagine young drivers having to drive something like that compared to todays rigs ...they would go crying to mummy , especially if they had to do a Swindon to Fort William . F me
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  17. My father did some light haulage driving in the 50's, the South Wales to London run. Must have been quite an experience driving one all that way before motorways.
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  18. Yes he would of been driving on the old arterial road ways ....certainly would keep you awake ...twisting round tight corners avoiding slumped drains and not very efficient brakes .
  19. Quite a number of years ago, I pulled out of a junction in my old twin slider. Nothing coming, pulled out a bit more, nothing coming, bit more, nothing, bit more , nothing.
    Pulled all the way out, straightened up on the road. BAM!
    Superbike right into the back of me. Must of been travelling fast, literally never saw it! I looked enough bleeding times!
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  20. Yes driven fully loaded arcccccticcc.

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