Where's @terrordales?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by snotty, Dec 27, 2018.

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    He said something about a pedicure or manscaping , least I think that"s what he said
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  2. Shut up Hay....... oh, hold on, sorry Jive, thought you were Baz for a moment :confused:
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  3. .
  4. Joking aside anyone know whats up?
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  5. I've been expecting him to pop back any day saying he'd been somewhere nice over Christmas - or his wifi had been cut off by a stray crocodile or some such , so it's getting a bit worrying now
  6. Anything back from his friends on Facebook??
  7. Nothing on FB :-(
  8. That’s good news surely if something was really wrong his friends would be posting lots of get well soon stuff.
  9. exactly. i also think that sometimes it's nice to have some down time from social media. I haven't been on facebook for a few months, it wasn't a conscious stepping away but a few days becomes a few weeks etc... and i've found that i didn't miss it. Done it a few times now and i enjoy the break from the noise sometimes :)

    But, i have 100+ notifications and bugger only knows how many messages to respond to when i do go back on -which makes me more reticent to make that move. I know lots of messages are 'hope you ok?' 'where are you?' type ones too; those who really know me, know that i drop off fb now and then (ok, i admit it - i mostly find fb tedious trite!) :D

    Obviously folk worry and that's nice, but that can also feel like pressure. None of us know what's going on in others lives and i am a firm advocate of protecting my own space and that of others. maintaining a social media presence/sharing all info isn't obligatory, but sometimes it can feel like it is :(
    ... and y'all should be thankful i don't share everything that's goes on in my life- it'd make your hair curl*! ;) :D

    *not the baldies

    I'm sure don knows he's missed, thought of and cared about here x
  10. I’ve never had Facebook.
    I joined Twitter for work purposes but I rarely look at it.
    I do have Instagram but again I only follow a couple of dozen accounts. Mainly fishing related and a couple of mates.

    I don’t feel like I’m missing out.
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  11. :) me neither. I've never felt like i'm missing out but think it can become habitual.
    i like the options to pop in and out of them when *i* want to but i do think facebook has a special kind of 'obligation' attached by some folk. A particular pet hate is when the apps show folk when you've popped in and then folk messaged you 'ooh, saw you were online at 4.35am...' or message you because they can see your 'online' - that really drives me nuts and i want to ask them if they've nothing better to do with their lives! :mad:

    rant over :)
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  12. Facebook's brilliant, caught up with a few old mates on there, plus its a great free place to store all your photo's ,some nights I come in and just go through my timeline remembering all the nice places I've visited and people I've met.
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  13. I've sent you a pic of my lunch....

  14. i like the fact that you can contact old friends but i guess it's the constant pace of pics/posts of the same ilk. Don't know, maybe i'm just a grumpty git but i have some prolific posters on my timeline and i'm not interested in their every meal/thought :D
  15. :eek:
  16. i don t do any off them i do tlb forum look at some others forum but don t get involved, i enjoy the MIX of people on here and the crack
  17. He texted me a pic of a type 4 engine on 27 December...I responded but haven't heard from him...
  18. Not even my piri piri chicken ?
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  19. I’ve noticed poor moony has to do the night shift
    In his absence :D
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