Where would be best to cook something whilst driving?

Discussion in 'Can Cook, Will Cook' started by hippyrichy, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. I was just reading one of BarneyRubble's posts and it got me thinking about using the engine as a cooker whilst on the move.

    So far, my inventiveness has gone as far as wrapping a bit of bacon in tinfoil and tying it to the outside of the exhaust pipe.

    Any better/other suggestions?
  2. There was an article in the Daily Telegraph some years ago, about a group of vintage car enthusiasts who regurlarly go out on drives, attaching food to various parts of the engine, dependant on cooking times and temperatures etc... They would then meet up and dine on the results.
    The meals did look pretty good, but as expected, didn't taste so good!
  3. When I was into the bike scene we used to wrap sausages and bacon in foil and wire it to a down pipe, if you were lucky enough to have a four cylinder bike with a 4 into one system the siamese area was best for cooking all round but did burn things if you didn't check them often enough.....never risked eggs though...gotta make a helluva mess of stainless downpipes :)

    Never cooked on the engine in Lola as she has a cooker, though there is space above the heat exchangers to fit a bacon sarnie or two :thinking:
  4. Birdy

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    Check out "the barefoot chef" on YouTube. VW bus related too.

    I need to get the thermo thing out on the heat exchanger to see what temp they get to to work out what I'd try and cook.
  6. Too many years go when company cars were cortinas, we used to buy steaks and wrap them in foil and place on exhaust manifold. Drive to chip shop, buy chips and we had steak and chips. So is not true that cortinas were useless!

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