Westfalia Florida LT31

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  1. CA5B6ACD-EB36-43CC-82B7-08429E5DF7CE.jpeg

    Out exploring local forest trails...I think a 3” lift kit might be on the cards :)
  2. Don't try the Severn crossing is all I can say ...
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  3. I’ll bare that in mind :)

    My house is accessed by a low bridge which I have to avoid by taking an alternative route....

    ....unless I forget what I’m driving and scrape the roof box along the underside of it creating a god-awful din.
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  4. Thank you for not falling into TLB mode and calling me a "Southern Jessie" :D
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  5. Headed to the lakes at the weekend. -4 overnight :)

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  6. It does look a bit top heavy, bigger wheels and tyres would suit.
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  7. This is it WITH bigger wheels and tyres. Stock they came with 14” rims :)
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    My mate in his T6 has LT envy ;-)
  9. Dislocated my shoulder wiping out at lake Placid whiteface,,, in the early 90s . Icy slopes on the black diamond run ...but great Bloody Mary s when your at the bar..in pain .could of been worse.. good weed , nice chicks . Fireplace ,,,Cool cabin . Great times ....
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  10. I sold my florida in october last year and now have a late bay in its place! If I could have kept both I would!! Great for wild camping and being totally off-grid
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  13. Been doing some bits and pieces on the Florida.

    Stealth hot and cold dog wash/child wash/wetsuit rinse/washing up/bbq cleaning.
    2F5ADB74-FB5B-4875-8AF1-187F0FF7DB90.jpeg 50D5114E-B12E-43B6-A5BE-F0EC004497F6.jpeg
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  14. SUPERB !!

    I could live with that .... :thumbsup:

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  15. D7422B8D-7039-410B-BD27-57282D407193.jpeg 1F901D5C-84E3-4DA9-A652-0865EA3ED308.jpeg

    Just hope it won’t be too long before I can actually be out and about in it to use it. At least I can wash my hands before I get back in the van
  16. @KarlB what have you got heating the water on your shower setup?

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