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  1. had a weekend away in the van, collected the wife from her work at 1730 and headed over to Eilee in Fife Just an hour away..

    Leaving home it was torrential rain and things didnt look good, reached Dundee to collect my better half and the rain stopped.. Headed over to Fife and Eilee holiday Park where we hooked up with my buddy and his Mrs.

    Camp site wasn't my cup of tea but it was just for one night ..massive place with social club and such...we stayed at the van and Polished off "several" miniatures of various single malts and then some ;)

    Next day it was off to the beach for the "Chain Walk" a scrambke along the lower cliff face with some assistance from chains secured to the cliff face to assist the walker to climb up and down the rocks..

    We all survived :)

    After a bit of excitement and a slow walk back along the coastal route, we headed off to Anstruther for a Fish Supper ..

    Home for 9pm on Sunday Blazing sun all day Sunday.. Great day out :)

    IMG_2186.JPG IMG_2187.JPG IMG_2188.JPG IMG_2193.JPG IMG_2197.JPG IMG_2203.JPG IMG_2205.JPG IMG_2207.JPG IMG_2209.JPG IMG_2217.JPG
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  2. Poptop2

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    Feeling the love again?
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  3. have to admit to finding it very therapeutic :)
  4. Good for you...:thumbsup:
    Great pics. ..:hattip:
  5. I need some ASAP :thumbsup:
  6. Love the Fife coast! My other half is a Fifer.
  7. see worth it really ;) now mines broke :rolleyes::p:p:p
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  8. lovely. sounds a great weekend. hope this puts the love back!

  9. NOOOOOOO LOL I feel your pain :)

    Im still having minor issues, latest was the 4 screws holding the steering wheel to the boss. they are fitted by the manufacturer .. any way seemed to develop a lot of looseness at the wheel as if the centre nut had come loose .. prised out the steering wheel centre to find the nut proper tight,, but the 4 screws fitted from the underside were all loose causing the wheel to wobble .. Should they have been given time to drop out we would have been up a creek without a paddle... job for today is remove the screws add lock tight and refit.. I was able to get a screwdriver to them without to much drama and secure them for the journey.. Touch wood no further breakdowns (yet) but I have 3 spare fuel pumps now .. spare points spare condensers , spare cap and spare coil..
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  10. Well thats not good :mad:but expectabel did full service and did point's ect but they fell to bits :rolleyes:so going to fit electronic and be dun with it i hope :D

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